The soul of things

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Душа вещи

There are people who feel this world. They see the aura of objects, animals, plants. Touching things, read information about the previous owners. I do not consider myself to be one of the only ones in full: alas, my growth in this area prevents a fair share of skepticism and doubt in their own abilities. Skepticism generously nourished by the books on scientific atheism, which I read since childhood. Uncertainty and doubt in themselves – a product of the punitive pedagogy of previous years.

That is why vivid visions when touching other items I have, but the soul some things I can read. It’s hard to even call that a soul – rather, the matrix, an impression of someone’s life and destiny, if we are talking about primitive objects.

What this means, the reader will ask. Answer. I know that every thing has a soul. Good or bad, good or evil – all as humans. And as we do, to the things of the world to influence their lives. Someone desperately unlucky with the owners (read: friends and family), someone constantly betray, abandon, pass from hand to hand.

But don’t laugh. I’m not saying that the soul is in the markers or the washing machine. Although, maybe I just didn’t notice. I mean «difficult» items.

For example, professional drivers who spend their entire lives driving sincerely believe that the machines have a soul. Each with their own character, moods and preferences. And you know, I believe them. These drivers give the cars names, make gifts. True. Once our driver Sasha chided me that I have the car on the sink did not carry. He said that after a good «douche» car rides differently. She is happy, you know, said Sasha. Happy and grateful that you expiated it. And the engine works differently, more fun somehow. I laughed: this is Sasha the engine knocks more fun is the mud from the mud flaps in different directions are not flies! But the Council did and the same day went to the sink. Leaving the box, I imbedded the gas pedal: the car, like, came to life after hibernation. I listened to the hum of the engine and clearly heard thanks. No, I’m not crazy, I just discovered something new in this life.

Those same professionals say that the car was born to ride. As soon as the car gets immobilized, it begins to «crumble». Even a new one. It is a fact. Don’t tell me about the sites and units that rust without movement, gaskets and bearings of the hub. I know everything is fine: my first car was my old «five». And while I drove it, it ran and never failed. As soon as I bought a new vehicle, the old woman became sad. When a buyer come by, she didn’t want to start. But the day before properly listened to the turn of the key. The future owner knowingly shook his head: I hurt the car. And earnestly tried to persuade my horse to obey. Promised that will not offend. «Five» poburchal a little and started. I patted the car on the hood, thanked him for the lesson and said goodbye to a whole epoch in his life.

The soul of the machines there. Don’t ask me where it is located – between the distributor and the fuel pump, in the area of candles in the carburetor or the injector!

Recently my friend and I drove to wash the car of her late husband. Less than a month ago, I successfully drove the car to a new place, but this time we decided to wash it to sell. The car is already three months I lost the master. My rare rides on it – are not considered. She sadly stands in the yard and every day on the body all the more treacherous spots. Yes, it’s not new, but until Volodya every day sat behind the wheel, it didn’t hurt, believe me. Now, every attempt to start it up – is a fascinating quest. Every time a vehicle issues a new trick – the battery will be exhausted, the hood doesn’t open, the wheels are lowered.

No mystery – say skeptical reader. You are right, my friend, no machine should drive each day. But when it loses its host, it becomes an orphan. Neither I nor a friend can’t take care of the load. So she is sad, cranky and broken. The soul of the machine used to move, change places, and then the whole day just overlooks the Parking lot.

Once we have removed from the salon all the cute heart things and talismanic belonged to the owner, she was orphaned, are left unattended. When I sit down in the driver’s seat, I feel that at first she doesn’t accept me. No, not because I don’t know how to ride. Over 20 years of experience I went through a few cars. It takes several minutes, and the car becomes docile, as if accustomed to a new driver learns his manner of driving, shifting, rhythm and style of riding.

Personal belongings of the person with whom he was in contact for a long time, and then long wearing, like a shed, so to speak about energy. I go to the apartment where the girlfriend lived with her husband and realize that every day it field is becoming weaker. Soon it will finally fade and dissolve into the energy space of the earth. Things, who knew the owner in life, is almost not radiate its energy. The matrix of consciousness becoming transparent. Friend still, although forty days have passed, keep on the bedside table a picture of it. But I can see that it has already faded. No, no the paint had faded and weathered mental component. Photo is only a picture which has no energy. The apartment is gradually forgets one of the owners. But not decaying, like a machine, because a friend continues to live in it. Her energy in the house creates a living field that fills the space remaining from the other person.

Same thing with his stuff. Now it’s just a sweater, jeans and boots. Faceless. They could belong to anyone. This is the question of the soul – from the lowly things it is not, they absorb the energy of the owner. The longer he’s gone, the weaker the imprint of the aura.

Actually – it’s sad. Yes, we do not die forever, but information on us gradually dissolves in the boundless Cosmos, and we become part of the world soul. Lose individuality, if you like.

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