Why ignoring the battle of Molodi

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Почему замалчивается битва при Молодях

As it turned out, in the history of Russia there are taboo subjects that, despite their significant role in the establishment of the state, are concealed by the historians. Is it right? The answer is unequivocal – no! You need to know about the ugly pages of Russian history, not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors and be proud that, despite the tragic events, Russia has managed to resist in the toughest conditions.

In the 70 years of the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire occupied one of leading places in a number of European and Asian States. As the Ottomans expanded their influence, conquering more foreign land. However, the ambitious plans of the Ottomans prevented the Russian Federation, aspiring to assigning the neighbouring lands. Especially angered the Ottomans, Ivan the terrible annexed to Russia Kazan and Astrakhan khanate, which support the Ottomans in the East. To prevent the strengthening of Russia, the Ottomans decided to incite his vassal, the Crimean Khan Davlet Girei, Moscow.

The result of this persecution was the battle of Molodi (the site of the battle was near the modern city of Serpukhov), which assailed the Russian lands were the Turkish Janissaries, the troops of the Crimean Khan and the forces of Nogai. This Horde came to Rob Rus under the direction, as mentioned above, Khan Davlet, whom she later Giray. It happened in August 1572. Led the regiments of the defenders of the Fatherland Prince Mikhail Vorotynsky and Dmitry Khvorostinin. The invaders had a significant numerical superiority over the Russian defenders, however, the Janissaries and Tartars were completely defeated and fled back to the Crimea. In addition, the Russians managed to inflict a crushing defeat on the invaders that for many years, the Tatars had to live without a strong force, because it greatly decreased the male population of the khanate. The Russians knew about it, but to pursue the enemy and finish him did not, as our own weakened after this brutal massacre.

So why is this page of history, despite the victory, is a forbidden subject for Russian historians?

It is known that Davlet Giray had a successful experience in the robbery of Russian cities, but in 1571, taking advantage of the fact that Muscovy is mired in the Livonian war, attacked and sacked Moscow. The production was impressive – he led away into slavery almost the whole population of the city is about 60 thousand people. Luck eclipsed his mind. And the following year he decided to repeat the RAID, and perform the old ambitious dream — to join the land of Rus to his possessions.

The Russian army waited for the Tatar Horde on the river Oka. The balance of forces was not in favor of Rus: 120 thousand Tatars and 20 thousand of the defenders of the Russian land. A few days between them were small skirmishes for the possession of several convenient crossings of CMOS. As a result, the line of defense the Russians were unduly stretched and broken smart Nogai. Despite the fact that Khvorostinin, the Governor attempted to close a breakthrough, the Tatars were able to quickly send their main force to the side of the defending Russian troops. The warriors of the khanate broke, blocked their way, the troops of the governors Odoevsky and rushed to Moscow.

In order to properly resurrect the memory of the outstanding Russian commander of Khvorostinin, it should be mentioned that although he was a guardsman king was never killed and tortured people. His main occupation was the protection of the southern borders of the state. He distinguished himself as a talented commander and a man of humble origin, was put in command of the troops, bypassing the more noble offspring of the great families.

But back to July, 1572. Tatar troops hastily moving to Moscow. After the enemy troops followed by soldiers Hvorostovsky. Russian military leader waiting for the right moment to attack enemies. Them quickly moved the main forces of the Russian army, led by Vorotynskiy.

Michael Khvorostinin deemed opportune time of the attack on the rear guard of the Tatars not far from Moscow, near the small village of Molodi. The battle was successfully won, and made Davlet Girei to stop the advance to Moscow to fight the Russian army «clinging to the tail» of his army. The Tatars attacked the troops Khvorostinin, they retreated, drawing the enemy troops to strengthen the position of the magistrates vorotynsky.

The strengthening was a kind of mobile fortress coupled with each other vehicles. These fortifications in Russia called «walking cities». Hidden behind the fortifications of Russian soldiers met the Tatars heavy artillery fire, pretty proradio Tatar army. Angry invaders in a frenzy attacked the building «walk-city», and the part of the Tatar was distracted by the battle with the gentlemen of the militia, who came to the aid of the Russian army. In combat the Lord Temir Alalykina managed to capture the second nobility of the Crimean ruler – Diveya-Murza. Although the Russian positions Tatars failed to capture, the troops of Rus was completely surrounded by enemy troops. Tatars decided to wait until the Russian camp to end food and water, forcing defenders to come out into the open field on imposed by the Tatars, battle. Given the considerable numerical superiority, the Tatars were confident of victory. In the meantime the Tsar Ivan the terrible in a panic left Moscow, leaving the city without protection.

To the rescue rati Rus came to Moscow, Tokmakov, the Governor, who knew about the difficult position of the Russian army. He sent Vorotynsk «false letter» in which he announced the release of the reinforcements for the Russian army huge armies of Novgorod headed the Russian ruler Ivan the Terrible. The messenger has predictably fallen into the hands of the Tartars that he was brutally tortured, and then mercilessly executed. He paid with his life for organized Russian disinformation of the enemy.

But the Governor Tokmak slightly miscalculated. The Tatars are not turned to their lands, and did not continue to expect delivery of Russian «walk-city», they began an active attack on the fortifications of Rus. This desperate onslaught has led to huge human losses in the ranks of the Tatars: their bodies were lined the slopes surrounding the Russian fortress of hills. But the invaders furiously penetrated to the walls of the Russian fortress mobile. Russian generals went on a desperate step: some of the troops, secretly left the fortress and went to the rear of the fighting the Tatar Horde. The Russians attacked the Horde from two sides, the army of Davlet Girei broke down and fled from the battlefield. Russian soldiers rushed after them, seeking the enemy. The Tartars fled in the direction of the Oka. Almost all of them were on foot, because it attacked the fortress of Russian on the orders of his commander in the foot. The Russians slaughtered the fleeing and destroyed the troops of Davlet Girei left to protect the crossings.

In the battle of the Young Tatars lost almost all his army, only 15 thousand fighters from 120 thousand has survived the attack of the Tatar hordes on Moscow. Also in the battle killed the grandson-in-law and the son of Davlet Girei.

The result of this battle was the bleeding of the Crimean khanate for many decades. About 20 years Tatars did not dare to attack Russia.

Ivan the terrible returned to Moscow. Life went on. The Russian border was moved to three hundred kilometers to the South. Was founded a new fortress. The Russians began to develop a new rich black earth zone, previously owned by the Wild field. Everyone knew that if Khan managed to win the battle, Russia was subjected to forced Islamization, which would lead to the destruction of the Orthodox state.

Is reasonable amazement by the fact that this battle is «forgotten» by historians for many hundreds of years. But according to the value, for the preservation of Russian statehood, this battle was not less than Kulikov or even Borodino. It is believed that Russia then was saved by a miracle.

One version of that history Molodechno battle actively held back, was the desire of the Romanovs to belittle the role of Russia the Royal clan of Rurik, in the reign of which happened this battle. But there are no secrets that sooner or later would not be solved.

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