The clash of American Indians with Bigfoot killer in 1855

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This is a very interesting historical case, which tells about the violent clash between the people and the Yeti, is now almost forgotten. It is mentioned only a few cryptozoologists.

It happened in 1855 in the area of the modern States of Oklahoma and Arkansas, where was once a vast area of Choctaw Indian. In the early 19th century, the Choctaw were one of the «Five civilized tribes» because they adopted many cultural and technological achievements of European settlers and therefore they have the white war was not.

Столкновение американских индейцев с бигфутами-убийцами в 1855 году

In 1855, mysterious bandits got into the habit of stealing Indian vegetables from the fields and sometimes they stole cattle. This, perhaps, would have remained unnoticed if the bandits are not kidnapping people, mainly children, which has infuriated the tribe.

To find the lair of the bandits decided to go to a large group of warriors-horsemen, dominated by Hamas Tabby (Hamas Tubbee) with his six sons, who stood out for their very large growth (over 2 metres). Next to other alacami they looked like real giants.

Led by half-breed (polumenta-paintitem) Joshua Leflore detachment early in the morning went into the wilderness, well armed with precision rifles and full vendetta. After 14 hours they reached the area that is now known as the Oklahoma reserve «McCurtain County Wilderness Area» and stopped to camp at the river to finally rest and eat.

Did not have time Leflar to give the necessary orders, something suddenly caught his attention. With the help of a telescope he began to peer into the distance and at this time horses began to snort uneasily. According to Leflore somewhere obvious is a group of bandits and Indians finally received the opportunity to attack, shouted and rushed to their horses in that direction through the brush with weapons.

But almost immediately they were forced to stop, as in hit a disgusting stench. It was a veritable wall of stench, the horses reared, and the Indians began to cough and choke from the stench.

Столкновение американских индейцев с бигфутами-убийцами в 1855 году

Only some, including myself Leflore and Tabby with his sons, managed to keep horses and to resist the stench. They continued on their path to the lair of the bandits and found himself in a forest glade. There in the center they found what was the cause of the stench. There was something like earth mounds around which were scattered human corpses in various States of decomposition.

And beside them stood three beings and not closely resembling humans. It was a huge growth APE-like monster. They were so high that Tabby and his sons felt stunted dwarfs. Men stood quietly and looked at the people, they did not afraid.

What followed next was as dramatic as a good Thriller. Was told that the beastmen Laflor shot from a gun, and rushed on them with sword and screaming. In response one of the creatures stepped forward and his massive hand struck the horse’s head Lefort and killed it.

Leflar was on the ground, but was unhurt and again fired several shots from a pistol into a monster. However, even with the bleeding wounds, the humanbeast was on his feet and wounds barely slowed him down. He rushed to Leflore, grabbed him by the head and tore it off.

All this time the rest of the people watched in shock for what is happening. But at the sight of the falling headless body of their commander, on which stood a huge whileaway monkey, they regained courage. They started to shoot the monsters out of your shotguns rifles and managed to kill two beings of the three.

Столкновение американских индейцев с бигфутами-убийцами в 1855 году

The third creature was seriously wounded and wanted to flee, but one of the Tabby brothers killed him with a hunting knife, hitting in the head. Then people some time expected an attack new monsters, but it was quiet. Then the Indians began to gather the bodies scattered across the meadow interspersed with puddles of urine and feces monsters.

They collected the bodies in one place and buried them. Among the dead were at least 19 bodies of children. The bodies of monsters collected in another pile and burned to the ground.

This is without doubt a very spooky story. And of course there are a lot of questions about his credibility. In the English-speaking Internet for a few years this story was published many times in several variations and it is difficult to name the source.

You can only say that Joshua Lefler is a real historical character, who really died in those places in 1855. Also according to some sources is really a family of Indians of the giant Tabby.

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