Beach Wales threw out the remains of a strange creature with a long tail like a snake

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41-year-old Beth Gannett, a resident of the Gower Peninsula in Wales, recently went for a walk with the dog on the local beach Rhossili Beach and found the remains of terrifying creatures like the crocodile with a tail like a snake.

На пляж Уэльса выбросило останки странного существа с длинным хвостом как у змеи

On the beach lay the remains of many sea creatures, including squid decomposed, but the remains, put the woman in a deadlock. At first she thought it was a whale or a Dolphin, but how they can have such a tail?

Unfortunately, the British media were only one photo remains and there are no shots from behind or from the sides. It is only known that the length being very small, only half a meter.

Marine animal experts are unable to determine the species of the remains, but admit that it could be Dolphin or porpoise.

An expert in the field of biological Sciences Dr. Dan Forman said: «When you look at these remains for the first time, you immediately think it’s something like a crocodile. But it’s certainly not a crocodile. Near the remains there is a large bulge at the base of the skull, which is typical for cetaceans».

На пляж Уэльса выбросило останки странного существа с длинным хвостом как у змеи

Some other experts also agreed that despite the strange tail, it’s most likely a Dolphin or small cetaceans, only badly decayed.

According to the Ranger Mark Chipkin, on the beaches of Wales regularly makes the dead dolphins, seals and even sheep.

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