In the Turkish city of Corum people were afraid of the weeping in the cemetery the mysterious girl

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Residents of the city of çorum (Turkey) for five consecutive days seen in the local cemetery a young girl, who was crying loudly on the graves. Terrified residents almost began to panic, believing that it is suffering from a Ghost. About the phenomenon, reported Daily Sabah.

В турецком городе Чорум люди испугались плачущей на кладбище таинственной девушки

It happened at the cemetery Ulu (Ulu). For the first time a girl saw on April 26. The man described that night noticed in the cemetery weeping at the tomb of the unnamed girl of 17-18 years. And the next night and the next three nights the girl had seen the other graves where they were buried, a certain Fatma S., who died in 1982. The girl was sitting by the graves and wept loudly.

Among the local population crept sinister rumors and soon they reached the officials. It came down to the fact that the authorities left on the grave of Fatma note for girls, in which it was written that if she needs help, she needs to go there or there.

Since the behavior of the girls caused a disturbing gossip, the police launched a search operation and left at the post cemetery at the grave of Fatma. The girl came again that night. She was dressed in fully black clothes and bright red shoes, but barely saw the police quickly fled and she was not able to catch up.

A man with a flashlight trying to track down a mysterious girl

В турецком городе Чорум люди испугались плачущей на кладбище таинственной девушки

The next night around the cemetery was crowded already 300 people curious and excited by the event to local residents. They were waiting when she will come again to see her. Despite the fact that the police blocked the entrances, a group of people tried to climb over the wall of the cemetery with the help of a ladder and the police detained them.

Girl this time did not come and the police left there is a surveillance camera. But they are also nobody filmed.

Cemetery gravedigger ömer şen sure that a girl or a drug addict or loves to drink and the cemetery comes to using drugs and drinking without witnesses. But locals believe that she is something supernatural, especially when even the police are unable to catch her.

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