China’s railway security camera footage of the Ghost train

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Real Ghost train caught on camera CCTV at the railway station in the Chinese district Baotou.

Video was posted on a paranormal YouTube channel Hidden Underbelly 2.0, it is reported that it was sent to them from China. According to the channel, the Ghost train was filmed on March 10, 2018, and when the plant workers saw him on tape, I was shocked.

According to one of the workers, in 12 years of service here, he saw nothing more terrible.

В Китае железнодорожная камера засняла поезд-призрак

On the record clearly hear the whistle of the approaching train, but the train is almost invisible, clearly distinguishable only lights are the headlights, all other parts of the trains and wagons are almost transparent.

The Ghost train is a few seconds at the station, as if waiting for passengers come and go (on the platform at this time live people there), and then touches it and leaves. It is seen that this is a fairly large structure, he has about 10 cars and they are also translucent.


In the comments under the video, users expressed their opinions about the phenomenon. Someone wrote that this was the train from a parallel world, someone that is the result of military experiments. Skeptics have said that this is just the imposition of one record to another.

The legend of the trains-the ghosts appeared almost since the inception of the trains and is known in many countries. And if these trains have seen a lot of people, why can’t they get on camera?

Update from 19.03.2018

Internet users found out that this video was shot back in 2012 and not in China, and in the Moscow metro. Therefore the Ghost train Russian. There are also reports that the video is most likely fake.

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