On the sidelines of the Kazakhstan seen a giant green circles

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In Aktobe region of Kazakhstan suddenly appeared a giant green circles (see photo), they were noticed by the users of Yandex.Cards, and earlier this place was nothing they claim.

На полях Казахстана замечены гигантские круги зеленого цвета

In confirmation of his words, the researchers of this mysterious phenomenon is taking us to Google maps, where in this place there are no circles. Of course, this is due to the updating of maps of Yandex, which occurred recently, and because Google in this case could not be able to fix this anomaly.

The anomaly consists of six circles green color, and the size of them is huge. Within each circle can be considered some strange clearings, or roads, or something else.

The researchers assume that the circles could appear as due to the activities of aliens, and in mind a certain energy breakthrough from other worlds, perhaps it has something to do with the ancient more advanced civilizations that exist on Earth along with us.

None of the experts trying to give any comment on the phenomenon in more detail. Scientists plan soon to visit the area and see these circles, then you can make some conclusions and assumptions.

We look forward to further events related to this anomaly.

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