The woman found on the porch of a strange «root», and after 2 weeks it got hundreds of tiny worms

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A resident of the UK said in his account Twitter a strange story. It all started three weeks ago when she found the front door of his house something totally incomprehensible.

The woman still can not determine what it was and none of the journalists too, nothing yet. Well, it looked like part of the root of the tree and shaped like a chicken leg. At length the object was about her forearm, that is not a small stick.

Женщина нашла на крыльце странный "корень", а через 2 недели из него полезли сотни крошечных червяков

«What is it? A vegetable? Something organic? The mineral? Eggs The Alien? What are all these little fibers sticking out of it? I was absorbed by this mystery. I felt the subject, thought it was very warm. Asked about it from the neighbors. They said they did not know about it. I sent a photo to friends. Again, nothing».

A woman jokingly called the subject of the «accursed root,» and the next day took it to work to the hospital and showed colleagues and even patients. Again no one was able to tell her. By the end of the day, she noticed that the root really warm and he stood out a little moisture.

Then the woman threw the «root» right in the bag in the back seat of his car and forgot about this discovery for a couple of weeks. But recently she had a son and a daughter to the library and a boy sitting in the back seat, suddenly asked mom, what kind of worms in the back seat.

«I, not turning, answered him that there are no worms and that is probably the remains of food that you — children, were scattered on the seat. But then my daughter, who was sitting next to me turned around and screamed in horror and the boy screamed.

That damn «chicken leg» has labored with hundreds of worms crawling out of her spongy insides. There were hundreds, really hundreds of these damn tiny worms. They ate the bag, in which lay the root and climbed on the seat to begin to eat it.»

The rest of the way to the library has become for the mother and her two children a nightmare. When they arrived, all three of them stormed out of the car. The woman grabbed the remains of the bag with the root and threw them as far away as he could. Unfortunately, because it would be an invaluable piece of evidence for examination by biologists.

Then the woman called her husband and told him that they would not get in that car and that he needs to come and save them from the hundreds of worms. An hour later the husband arrived and brought with him a vacuum cleaner, in which collected worms. Gathered not quite to the end and later, a woman regularly found in the cabin for a few dead worms.

One of them she had taken the picture and posted to your account. To identify the species of worm, too, yet no one could, but since this is not the usual worms but rather the larvae of some beetles.

Женщина нашла на крыльце странный "корень", а через 2 недели из него полезли сотни крошечных червяков

Though recently one of the wearer of the Twitter account identified the «root» part of exotic palm trees and therefore the worms could also be some kind of exotic insect, introduced with palm tree from the tropics. But while this is only speculation.

While the latest news on this case no. The last message on Twitter women was about the fact that she tried to contact the journalists of the British Newspapers and TV to publish her story.

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