In the US several glowing UFOs appeared in the stormy sky

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В США сразу несколько светящихся НЛО появились в грозовом небе

The inhabitants of the American state of Iowa were amazed when the storm in the sky suddenly began to hover several UFOs. One of the witnesses recorded the events on video, and then, as usual, enriched by the roller, the world wide web.

It happened in the evening of 10 June, when in one of the cities of Iowa asked the wretched weather: it was raining, the sky was completely overcast with dark clouds, through which appeared the fire numerous lightning. After some time, began to appear UFO, which at high speed maneuvered in the depths of thick clouds.

A local resident, EN route to this moment in his car on the highway, I noticed a strange glowing objects, and quickly recorded them on camera, realizing that you have witnessed unfathomable moment.

Ufologists are already interested in the roller and began to study it. There is an assumption that in the sky over the American land was seen the alien ships, which attracted the lightning. It is noted that it is not the first time UFOs appear during a thunderstorm, and the reason for this is that the aliens use the energy of this natural phenomenon for charging their vehicles.

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