And still they came!

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И все-таки они прилетали!

In the Cascade mountains of America, exactly 71 years ago, something incredible happened. The pilot, Kenneth Arnold on his single aircraft flying over the area mount Rainier in search of the vanished on the eve of a military transport plane. The government promised a reward of 5,000 dollars to the first who found the wreckage in a remote area of the search engine.

Flying by the slope of the highest mountain in the area, the plane of the Arnold almost got into a whirlwind of air swept past him unusual flying objects shaped. Nine discs UFO correct order flew to the transcendent, by earthly standards of the time, the speed is more than 3,000 kilometers per hour.

After landing at the base of the astonished pilot Kenneth first rushed to the editor of the local newspaper, where once the threshold told reporters that witnessed the alien ships from Space. According to the pilot, their movement resembled a slide of plates on the smooth surface of the water. Through the day the presence of unidentified flying objects in the airspace over the Cascade mountains was officially confirmed by the military. Do the spacecraft of the aliens openly roam the heavenly expanses of our Land for over 70 years, and maybe longer? Maybe the aliens need the contact with earthlings, and they expect when human civilization finally matured to such a level of communication?

The first evidence of extraterrestrial phenomenon found by researchers in the ancient manuscripts and annals of antiquity. They all abound with mention of flying chariots of the heavenly gods. To this day preserved cave drawings of strange aircraft structures and even images of supernatural beings resembling real astronauts in a spacesuit.

In recent years, markedly increased public interest in topics related to UFOs, extraterrestrial life and the aliens from the space that surrounds it. Last fall, a team of scientists at Yale University have found a star emitting a unique light pulsars in the form of light patterns. The researchers believe that these signals can be sent only alien megastructure.

In may 2015 a group of Russian astronomers were interesting unusual signals having a particular frequency of radio bursts with a length of 5 milliseconds with the same break in 2.4 milliseconds. The sounds came from the neighboring star system, remote from the Earth at a distance of over 95 light years. So mysterious cyclicity allowed engines to speak boldly of the message of the signals of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Even earlier, in 1977, during the SETI program, which searches for contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, the radio telescope the Big Ear (Big Ear) were recorded by a signal called the «Wow!- Signal» (translated into Russian language «Wow!- The signal»). Scientists have found that he is not on any parameters to the space of noise, and is formed artificially High extraterrestrial Intelligence. According to researchers, the source signal is the constellation Sagittarius located in the center of our Galaxy at a distance of about 30,000 light-years.

Recently in the media swam the version about the possible crash of an alien spaceship at the Grand Canyon (USA) more than 4000 years ago. The target group of the military experts by radiocarbon Dating of the ship found that discovered the UFO was an age much older than 4000 years. In his case it was used unknown to earthlings metallic substance, that the measurements have shown a low radiation level. The ship was measured, it had the dimensions of 50 feet (15,24 meters) width 100 feet (of 30.48 meters) in length. Inside the ship, the researchers found various kind of equipment, oxygen bottles, old food and water. The power source of the ship was an atomic reactor, it was governed by the magnetic steering system.

Near the crash site of the spacecraft in the Indian caves the researchers found a lot of pictures of strange creatures of the humanoid type, with an elongated bulbous head. The experts thoroughly searched the area and determined that the pilots of the aircraft, humanoid height of about 5 feet after the accident lived here for several years.

In the mid 30-ies of the last century UFO wave has swept the world. Thousands of people witnessed the flight of large gray cigar-shaped craft in the skies of Northern Scandinavia: Finland, Norway, Sweden. And the aircraft is absolutely not making any noise.

The ships of extraterrestrial civilizations show their interest to everything happening on the international space station earthlings. They approach the ISS at a very close distance, so often fall into the lenses of the cameras of the station. Their speed of movement in outer space is huge, so we can confidently say that they have extraterrestrial origins.

In March 2017 a dozen bright UFO formation flew slowly in the night sky through the city of Volgograd from the Northern regions to its southern borders. The spectacle aroused the inhabitants of unexplained mystical fear. From the upper floors of apartment buildings people in the window watched the shimmering colored lights majestically sailing by alien space hulls are triangular in shape.

Generally historically Volgograd oblast is one of the anomalous zones of Russia. Near Volgograd have known ufologists Medveditsky ridge, which the locals called «Blue mountain». They often see UFOs, fireballs, and even meet space aliens in shiny uniforms with small suitcases. Living in the County the population believes that this ridge is a real alien spaceport.

Is this filmed video footage of arrival on our planet of aliens. One of Europe’s two friends, who on 12 June 2018 the evening was coming back from fishing and saw hovering over the lake, a strange glowing object. How to tell the excited witnesses, the alien sphere as it pierced the surface of the water emitted by the thin luminous beam. Men had the impression that the alien ship is pumping moisture from the reservoir. Moreover, during this procedure, an alien object with absolutely no sounds issued.

Humanity is not yet able to use the battery energy of lightning and other elements, but alien technology has already reached a level of development that «refuel» from lightning, water and even the Sun. The existence of other forms of life besides carbon it is possible, because it’s a big universe, and many different variants of events development of life is possible in it.

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