Lightning struck a mysterious triangular UFO

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Popular British UFO researcher and conspiracy theorist, researcher ativnost all mysterious in our world Tyler Glockner, a leading YouTube channel «Secureteam10,» he shared with your followers is another interesting material. Specialist says that he received an unusual shot from a resident of the Croatian village of Petrcane. The girl I photographed recently a thunderstorm, and at a certain point in the lens of her camera were bright lightning that hit straight to the mysterious object, inexplicable in the sky.

Молния поразила загадочный треугольный НЛО

Unidentified flying object captured by the Croatian had a smooth triangular shape and seems to be lit up (flared) because of the defeat of a powerful electrical discharge of lightning. At least, so concluded Glockner and the author of the frame.

UFO researcher carefully studied the picture, said that we are talking about aircraft, representatives of some extraterrestrial civilization. Despite the fact that the alleged alien spaceship got a huge boost with a shock, he must not have suffered too much and was easily able to fly after the heaven incident away. At least, no crashed «flying saucers» in Croatia in recent times was detected.

It is possible that this triangular UFO was specifically to catch the lightning, suggested some users of the Internet. «Flying saucers» always see during thunderstorms, and this leads to a certain idea, especially since we have no idea how these fantastic machines aliens…

Video: Lightning struck a mysterious triangular UFO



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