Intuition, or sixth sense

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Интуиция, или шестое чувство

The gift of prophecy is a special ability that is available only to units. People who know how to use this gift and to foretell future events have always enjoyed great respect not only among the tribesmen but also around the world. But besides the great prophets, there are many cases when ordinary people can anticipate trouble before it happens.

Intuition is a gift from above

Otherwise this ability is called the sixth sense, and is inexplicable from a scientific point of view. From the Latin word intuition means look inside. This means that the person receives the signal from the inside, like waking and in sleep. But this ability really exists, greatly facilitating the lives of some people who have it is particularly well developed.

Intuition is the ability to anticipate any events, often negative, before they occur. Intuition is most often seen in the form of vague anxiety, sometimes in the form of a inner voice, warning of the danger. It should be noted that this ability is available to all people, but some of it is well developed, while others have almost no effect. What it depends on is unknown. Usually, it works as either a momentary illumination of the previous danger or a long-term feeling, manifested in an alarming condition.

Attempts to explain

Intuition has repeatedly tried to explain from a scientific point of view. So, at one time was a popular hypothesis that this condition is the result of acceleration of metabolism in the body. But it has not been tested, since in many cases intuitive insight visit person, when his metabolism slowed down – during sleep, or during leisurely activities.

One of the first who tried to find a rational explanation for this phenomenon is Jung. He believed that intuition is a bridge between the consciousness of a specific person and the collective unconscious – a kind field, a repository of all knowledge and human experience. According to Jung, when triggered intuition, human consciousness is connected to this information field and reads the desired information, which can help in decision making.

Another version is the assumption that intuition is a manifestation of the mechanism of probabilistic forecasting, which is available to every person. It is formed from the very birth of man, when gradually, he accumulates experience. In the brain is imprinted all, even the smallest information and is processed independently of consciousness. As a result, once again in a similar situation, people unconsciously analyzes it and decides, and logically explain your choice can not. While it may seem that it worked feeling, and in fact, is analyzed by the brain the accumulated baggage of experience and knowledge. However, some situations can’t be explained even the mechanism of forecasting.

Intuition and sudden insight in my dream

The sixth sense often used by people of creative professions – artists, musicians, inventors, scientists. And it often works as an inspiration, sometimes coming in dreams. According to the researchers dealing with this issue, the human brain is intensively working on solving the problem, and in the dream, the result is the solution. This is because in the dream state consciousness and the unconscious are most efficient, as there are no distractions when you Wake factors. The most famous example is the case of Mendeleev, which have long struggled with the creation of the periodic system of elements, but I found the solution only in a dream. It is worth noting that the creators of the ballpoint pen and sewing machine – Laszlo Biro and Elias Howe’s idea also came during sleep. Famous surrealist Salvador Dali also drew their ideas in the dream – he achieved a special state of half asleep, and stand out images for his paintings.

The researchers believe that such dreams of enlightenment come, and after a long work on this issue. This occurs after the brain has knowledge and made their analysis. In the end in the dream there is a kind of breakthrough, and the solution comes in the form of visual or sound image.

Today, there are even special techniques to find the solution of the problem of interest in sleep. This person needs to learn how to lucid dream – that is, to understand in the dream that it was a dream. Methods include several techniques, among which work with the subconscious, learning to join in a special hypnagogic state and lucid dreams. As a result, any man can learn to solve their problems, but it is necessary to work diligently.

Intuition is still not fully understood ability, which is fraught with many mysterious. Particularly interesting are the cases when a person feels in seconds danger, or feel the onset of the troubles long before it began. But, of course, this ability is very useful, as it can enable you to make the right decisions and avoid possible troubles for everyone.

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