The mysterious fate of the diamond of Sancy

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Загадочная судьба бриллианта Санси

No doubt the bowels of the Earth are untold treasures. People have learned to extract, process gemstones, turning those into jewelry of amazing beauty. Of particular interest are the diamonds which are valued for their unusual glitter faces, the play of color. Many romantic legends, fatal secrets associated with these unique stones.

Diamond is credited with the ability to improve the fertility of the land and that they promote well-being. Surprisingly, there is evidence that they are able to cure serious illnesses: it is necessary to lower the diamond into the water and after a while to drink it.

Many government and military men believed that the diamond is a stone that brings victory and good fortune. Diamond became the mascot of many famous generals.

Only in the mid-15th century women drew attention to diamond jewelry. First put on your jewelry mistress of the French king – Agnes Sorel. With these then the most unique precious stones were given names.

Esoterics claim that faces unique diamonds are reflected in the clear water, of human destiny. This precious stone with mystical properties and the amazing destiny diamond is the Sancy.

According to legend, in the 11th century, the caravan merchant Gattung passing by deep gorges Adamas (India). Everyone knew that the gorge is famous for its diamonds, but to get down to the bottom was difficult and prohibited by religion. The merchant noticed the glitter of a large stone at the bottom of a mountain river flowing through the gorge. His servants pulled the find and Jiatong saw the large, without a single crack, a precious stone, transparent as the water of a mountain stream. The merchant sold the find, this began a difficult path of the diamond.

At first he passed from one Indian to the other lords, until fell into the hands of Sultan Giyas-UD-DIN. His son and heir to the dynasty Tupikov decided to give the diamond in any way. He hoped that the father would in a military campaign, he will be able to steal a precious stone. But it turned out, the Sultan took the stone with him as a talisman of good luck. From a hike Sultan returned unharmed. But the son did not leave attempts to assign diamond. Arranging a celebration on the occasion of a successful campaign, he ordered the construction of a rotunda with heavy gilded dome. Only a small bamboo trunk held the roof of the festive structure. One side of the rotunda was covered with fresh palm branches, shielding, sitting under the roof of the building of the Sultan, from the scorching rays of the sun. According to tradition, by the rotunda held the elephants. The son of the ruler, before the parade ordered not to feed the elephants, and they saw fresh palm leaves, rushed into the rotunda, under which sat the Sultan. The building did not survive the onslaught, under the fallen roof of the gazebo died Giyas-UD-DIN, and valuable stone passed into the hands of his evil heir. Soon the offender accountable for his crime, he was wounded in the hunt and died. Then there was speculation that the diamond is «punishing» severely those who acquired it by dishonest means.

In the 15th century, the diamond came to Europe. It was purchased by the ancestor of the Duke of Burgundy. According to legend, he had three perfect diamonds, which he ordered to be cut. One he gave to the Pope, the second to the French monarch, Louis XI, and the third left to itself: it is, in consequence, called «Sancy». In the result of the cut, the diamond has acquired a pear-shaped, shining thirty-two faces. After treatment his weight was estimated at 55 carats.

The time has passed. Charles the Bold, used the diamond as a talisman by inserting a gemstone in your combat helmet. He soon went to battle with the Swiss. Before the armies met in mortal combat, was the match of Charles the Bold with the most powerful of enemy soldiers. And even though Carl had become against the sun, which caused a murmur among his soldiers, he tried to make a ray of sunshine fell on the diamond. A bright light blinded the enemy and Carl struck his attacker with a spear. The victory of the Duke scared of the Swiss, the battle had already been lost. But the military fortune is changeable, in 1477 Charles the Bold suffered a defeat in which he lost his helmet with the precious diamond. Found it a simple soldier. He sold the find to the priest. But the same evening, was beaten to death in a drunken brawl. The priest died on the same day, once for a song, sold the stone. Seen such a dismissive attitude is not like the mystical diamond, and he, therefore, retaliate.

And again the stone passed from hand to hand until it was purchased by diplomat Nicolas de Sancy Arles, representing the interests of France in Turkey. Since then, the diamond has acquired the name of his master — Sancy. Soon Nicolas Arles returned to France and became an assistant of the monarch Henry III. The king was always short of funds for the maintenance of the army, and he shamelessly «borrowing» money from their subordinates. Not just diamond «Sancy» was made by the Deposit banks on the loan, but the owner, Nicolas Arles, each time persistently redeemed his gem. But in 1605, and Nicolas Arles, a former, at that time, in the rank of first Minister of the country, had to sell the stone to the British monarch James I. half a century later the diamond returned to France as a gift to cardinal Mazarin. «Sancy» became part of the famous collection — «Mazarin Diamonds». After the death of the cardinal, the collection passed into the possession of king Louis XIV.

The Duke of Orleans knew a lot about the history and properties of the diamond «Sancy». He left an interesting record about it. According to him: every ancient gemstone has its own aura, as in humans. Diamond «Sancy» is no exception, and he’s got a bad history. Their owners will bring you only misery and death. The Duke claimed that the stone was more than 700 years ago. And the story is as follows: Indian Raja came to check on their diamond mines. In his presence the servant found a big diamond a yellowish tint. In gratitude for the discovery, the Raja was to give freedom to the slave. But greed leaped in the Lord, snatching the stone from the hands of a servant, he stated that he found the stone. Then the servant cursed the stone, and foretold that he would bring to their owners trouble.

For a long time the diamond «Sancy» was decorated with a headdress of the French king. Louis XVI put Sancy in her crown. The rock then, at the insistence of the Queen, secured her fan. Most likely, such a disrespectful attitude stone is not tolerated and showed your inner self: France was rocked by riots, revolutions, on the scaffold, died last Royal couple of the Bourbons. And the diamond «Sancy» was exhibited at the national review among other treasures of the former king. The people and decided that all treasures belong to him (literally). And a few days after the opening of the exhibition all the treasures moved to the «people’s» pockets of Parisian thieves.

Four decades no information about the diamond «Sancy» was not. But once in Paris there was a copy of diamond… of glass. But the jeweler Marion, showing glass stone rich buyers, offered to introduce them to the real owner of the jewels. Police began searching for the diamond. Marion himself did not know the owner of the jewels, because he was contacted secretly. The unfortunate jeweler was in despair: all potential buyers ran away after learning about the beginning of the investigation, in addition to Russian millionaire Demidov. Russian buyer claimed that he does not care: the stolen diamond or not. The French government insisted to recognize the purchase of stone Russian «crazy» not valid until, until, who was a stone after its loss of revolutionary Paris. And the scandal would continue for a very long time, if not interfered with the Duchess of Berry. She came to court and stated that the «Sancy» was never exhibited in the showcase, because all this time he was with her. A diamond presented to her by Queen Marie-Antoinette, so she has the right to sell it. And Demidov, in her words, worthy of such a purchase, as plans to give him his bride. The heir to the richest clan Demidov took the diamond «Sancy», far from the Parisian palaces, Russia. And no one even guessed that the testimony in the court of the Duchess of Berry paid one hundred thousand pounds, and its lawyers even more. But unless Demidov could stop these fantastic costs?

Demidov fulfilled his promise and gave a wonderful diamond «Sancy» to his beloved woman, his wife Aurora, the lady-in-waiting of the Imperial court. In 1865 Demidov sold the «Sancy».

In 1978 it was purchased by the Louvre. Today, he is in the gallery of Apollo, the famous Museum.

Whether to continue the path of the famous and mysterious diamond, only time will tell…

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