Weather webcam in Alaska captured like a huge fish UFO

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Погодная веб-камера на Аляске запечатлела похожий на огромную рыбу НЛОUfologists and researchers of supernatural phenomena, leading to the popular YouTube channel «Disclose Screen», shared with viewers another intriguing entry.

Enthusiasts say that periodically review weather camera belonging to the Federal aviation administration of the United States, and in the lens of one of them caught something strange. It happened in the city of Kivalina, Alaska.

The web-camera captured in the sky unidentified flying object similar to a big fish! The authors findings are convinced that we are talking about aircraft, aliens, which from this angle took such a fancy look.

Despite the fact that ufologists convincingly explain their assumptions (see video), there are skeptics who believe that a camera with poor shooting could grab in the sky of any flying object or a live object, skew it, for example, birds. Why at once aliens?..

Video: Weather web Cam in Alaska captured like a huge fish UFO

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