A letter to the aliens

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Unknown and inexplicable: a letter to the aliens. Scientists have decided to come forward 35 years later, after the received signal from the constellation of Sagittarius.


Письмо инопланетянам

The voice of the beautiful far

If someone can’t wait to say something brothers in mind, please: scientists give the chance. Any person can use it. And participate in the upcoming session. This should post to Twitter with the hashtag ChasingUFOs and your news ( no more than 140 characters) will be included in the message. Astronomers encode «outcome document» binary code and sent into space using a giant radio telescope at Arecibo Observatory (Arecibo Observatory). The aliens will be transferred to the tweets, compiled from Friday 29 June to Saturday 30 June (between 8 p.m. EDT Friday (June 29) and 3 a.m. EDT Saturday (June 30).

The session, organized at the initiative of the National Geographic Channel, will be held on August 15, 2012 — exactly 35 years after the Land was adopted by a mysterious radio signal received from the constellation of Sagittarius. It is not excluded that he was sent by aliens. Even serious scientists do not reject such a possibility. Not to mention the UFO that 4 July will mark their professional holiday — international day of the ufologist, and, of course, those astronomers who work on the program Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) — the search for intelligent life in the Universe. Radio signals with different messages to humanity sent into space before. But it turns out that it only now decided to answer those who called. Dispatch, which absorbed the incoming tweets will be aimed at the constellation Sagittarius — at the very point from which the received radio signal in 1977. In the hope that there is someone still there.

Wow! signal

15 August 1977 happened really incredible. Dr. Jerry Ayman (Jerry Ehman), working on the SETI project on radio telescope «Big Ear» at Ohio University (Big Ear radio observatory at Ohio State University), has registered a continuous and strong signal, which in all respects corresponded to what the actual doctor has searched for signals of artificial origin.

Russian astronomer, of course, would say otherwise. But shocked American doctor, who saw the sensational data, exclaimed, «Wow!». Then a mysterious signal called the «Wow! signal» and not something else.

It took 35 years. But the mystery of «Wow! signal» to disclose and failed. Any reasonable explanation appeared. Astronomers have not offered a single candidate for the signal source is natural — natural origin. The result is a shortage of people who believe that sent the signal was from an alien spaceship. Because they came from the area of the constellation Sagittarius, but with an empty section of the sky. Although other interpretations are not. At least that would explain all the features of the transmission.

Письмо инопланетянам

The strength of a signal is 30 times higher than the background. Its frequency was 1.42 GHz is the frequency of hydrogen — the one whom, in fact, scientists are waiting and waiting for news etc. The duration is 72 seconds. That much had to be constant in amplitude extraterrestrial signal of artificial origin. Because the antenna of the radio telescope «Big Ear» fixed — uses the Earth’s rotation to scan the sky. Therefore, a specific source, you can listen for 72 seconds. Of them half the time, the signal intensity should gradually increase until the telescope is not exactly aimed at the transmitter. In the remaining 36 seconds — gradually decrease. And that was fixed.

A signal was caught only once.

Space Twitter

The idea of using Twitter to compose the message the aliens looks very symbolic on the background of fresh ideas expressed by the scientists working on the program

SETI. After all, as suggested by James Benford and his twin brother Gregory — researchers from the University of California, Twitter is likely to have and the brothers in mind.

The current principle of the search for extraterrestrial civilizations based on the idea that «brethren» is continuously sending signals — «at all ends», as they say. Broadcast around the clock. Like a radio «Komsomolskaya Pravda». On a global scale this is normal. But galaxy is insanely expensive. Requires huge expenditure of energy — a few gigawatts per transfer. It’s very wasteful.

Scientists explain: if aliens make themselves known to the neighbours, the sending of short news — like the kind that people leave the social network Twitter.

According to the brothers of Benford, humanity could just miss a lot of similar signals. And if you catch some, purely by chance. As, for example, the same «Wow! signal».

Benford call radio astronomers to dig in the archives. Look for short signals. And not necessarily at the frequency of hydrogen.

Scientists assure that much less energy will require a «pulse» at a frequency of about 10 GHz. According to their calculations, having an antenna diameter of 900 meters, civilization, comparable with us on a technological level, could afford once a year to «flash» the milky Way series of signals with a total duration of several tens of seconds. Here on this space and Twitter need to focus in searching for brothers in mind. And while «flash» has decided humanity.


We’d better shut up

The famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking does not welcome the efforts of colleagues, eager to make contact with other civilizations. In his opinion, it is necessary to sit quietly and not attract the attention of «outsiders» their signals.

— If aliens ever appear here, it will be possible to compare with the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America. And then for the Indians somehow not very well developed — he explains his position. And he adds:

— The desire to Rob us — this is one of the reasons why it is not necessary to make contact with alien races. I think they can live in huge ships, as exhausted all natural resources of the planet. These aliens are at a very high level of development and begin to disperse in order to capture any suitable planet.

The Director of the SETI Institute Seth Shostak believes that to hide already too late. That we know exist in space with a diameter of 240 light years. This is the «bubble» formed by the radio waves from the Ground, extending from the beginning of the era of radio broadcasting. They «washed» more than 6 thousand star systems. And every day the signals of human civilization reach at least one new system.

It is unlikely that aliens — even the most advanced — listening to terrestrial radio or watch our TV. With a distance of «broadcasting» is greatly distorted. But they can recognize it as the artificial source and pinpoint its coordinates. Scientists estimate that technique, surpassing human for two hundred years, capable of such. Even when set on the planet a thousand light years.

In other words, we already gave up its location and will continue to give, even «Ugolkov». Could we detect? Completely. Moreover, it is possible that the so-called brothers are already flying to us. Silently, so as not to give herself away. Approaching. Maybe even on the same spaceship, which filed for Wow! signal from the constellation Sagittarius.

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