Encounter with a UFO in Kazakhstan

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I went with Central market Kvazar April 14, 2018,at the intersection, ISA Bayzakov-Yestay. Was in the hands of shopping bags, and in front of the stairs of exit a Parking lot where you can take a taxi to Go I had cm on the map at the ul Yestay in the direction of the Irtysh river ,to the intersection of RS Margulana,

Встреча с НЛО в Казахстане

I have my small staff and I was carrying there products. And here’s the code I came out on the stage, across the street from me in the North-West at the intersection of Yestay and may 1 see on the map there are 2 nine-storey building and around the corner of the house № 40 in the sky about 10 degrees above the angle of the roof I saw a white object like a cloud.

The day was VERY Sunny and clear, around to the horizon there was not even one little clouds and also what it has attracted is a form, from above it was like kind of like a cloud shape, this elongated hill or something, but the bottom of the clouds in my projection was perfectly straight and smooth,like the line cut off with a knife and the Colour was just heavily white. Size don’t even know, but I think that not less but even more than a hundred meters.

Because he was around me, I looked at the map today, probably 1-1. 5 km and height somewhere 300-500 meters from the ground and from the point at which I saw to the corner of this nine-storey building, where the building of the city one-storey, private sector tram lines, 1, may, open. In General, I immediately take a taxi, loaded, tell the taxi driver where to go and then say: see, there’s crap in the sky around the corner nine-storey building. The object all the time it hung in the same place. The taxi driver guy is 30 years old Kazakh looked and it says the same: figs you will understand that, like a cloud, and we go just for Yestay, just past it and it will be to the right of us.

I say let’s go slow and make out what it is. In short, he turned the car from the market right at Yestay and off we went ,just straight and look ahead and to the right (North-West). And then the right side went the fences of the private sector and the machine can not see the object. Then we went to the first ul before 1 may of the alleyway to the right and stopped at the intersection with the alley and this object we can see, at a glance.

He also hung in the same place. We sit in sec. 10 discern and discuss what it is and then he began to move, as if towards our side, and as it began to approach us. We’re freaking out,,,,,From the cabin became visible when he approached the closest to us distance, that is exactly what the camera. Very big for that Board which was turned to us he had some three rounded spots and large as they were in what is a slightly shimmering haze or a transparent haze or something.

The unit flew,very slowly, I would be given the distance and elevation I think of 40-50 kilometers per hour. He flew, sailed, and as it glided in space. No lights, no sound, no trace left. When he reached the highest point of the movement with us, he’s a little behind and then it began to lay the turn to the left moving away from us and when he turned around, with this side also had two already large rounded dark spots and when he turned around, the front of his little bobbed up and became visible, his whole form and that was it.

The apparatus was a circular shape, but its edge was serrated, which were formed due to the rectangular plates or plates or anything with which he was covered. The visibility was very clear, could be seen the lines between these rectangles.

In the center, if you can call it that,from our vantage point from the stern to the nose of the machine went, as if the exalted part, and on either side of this elevation with 2 sides was visible what speakers rectangular profiles on the hood of a car did in the ‘ 80s, the air intake something or some boxes or something, standing on the surface.

The bottom of the device was bent as if under a shallow arch, that is, the plane of its bottom was not flat, but curved, and the edge of the device was like below his shaft and then when he turned the bend from us,in his exalted convex part in the center went the sunlight and it sparkled. Then the device has gone away to a gray haze on the horizon and there went up!

When in the car we saw that he began to move, don’t know condition, but not fear exactly, but some kind of daze, excitement and stupor at the same time. When he came as close as possible, I even thought it was a human machine, I thought the Russians or what have arrived (the border is not far ), or the Americans, but then realized that the device is very large, more passenger Boeing much, and I’ve flown on the different Boeing and them and why it crashed immediately that there was a feeling that it is not just white, and some PAINTED WHITE.

Hanging such a whopper joints visible and white!) generally, the time to count,three or four minutes, I noticed and went to the point where he stopped and watched in detail, about 1-1,5 minutes observed from the time of its movement. I first tried to remove the phone as soon as he started to move, but I was trembling so with excitement that I’ve been digging, I have the iPhone 5, while included, is unlocked, and there I have a bunch of tabs open: the other can’t, photos, weather while they flipped through to go home, turned on the camera, shoved in the window, a tap, and there it turns ITSELF off!!

I rage threw it on the seat, shouting to the driver that would pick up his phone, and he had a cord plugged in there Navigator andeh taxi, he shouts that is not the time for the flies. Then past the guy was right next to the machine and the weaving talks, I told him out of the car shouting: look, shoot UFOs and he glanced, Oh says the plane some and then went to talking on the phone.

I am on the same day in the VC group typical Pavlodar wrote about this event and asked who can see it. The weird thing is no one. And I also wrote that I would spice smoke))). I am 57 years old I don’T DRINK or SMOKE!)). As it is not very fond of all kinds of devilry, and here on you ,,Rolled,,, but not captured.

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