The abnormal area of the Khabarovsk territory

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In Khabarovsk region there is something to amaze you. We have so much to see and the Amur river, and Shantary, and the village of Vyatsko – homeland of Juche and Kim Jong Il, son of the great leader Kim Il sung, and Amur tigers, and ecotourism – fishing or walk in the middle of almost virgin forest.

Аномальные места Хабаровского края

And ethnotourism? Come spring, for example, in the national village, so you will be treated to Nanai soup of wormwood. Where else is there?

We have a large territory, sparsely populated, and hence their «blind spots» are, and riddles, and secrets. And why would that not come up with another tourism destination? For example, in Khabarovsk Krai — sensitive materials.

In the search for regional x-files I turned to Yuri Udovichenko, head of the far Eastern researchers Club, member of the «Kosmopoisk — the far East» — the social research Association, exploring the byway, including abnormal phenomenon.

Dolmens and runes

— We have, for example, the dolmens found in the territory of one of the tourist eco-trails along the «Royal road» in Bureinsky reserve. I first said, however, that this classified information, just three weeks later the information was everywhere: we have almost the entire stone settlement just to come to us. This epoch-making event.

Scientists suggest that these buildings may belong to the Neolithic or early iron age. Earlier in the territory of the far Eastern Federal district dolmens still was not fixed. The next stone constructions located on the territory of Mongolia.

— Like scientists from Novosibirsk was going to, but still not there yet. I think they are not going. This is contrary to the history books.

Somehow Yuri Udovichenko went to Sikachi-Alyan. Went and took pictures of rocks with petroglyphs.

— Home already dismantled the pictures. One of them saw a stone with the inscription of three letters. The point is that they are not painted, and hollowed on a basalt boulder, they are made in the same technology as, for example, a petroglyph with a famous moose. Their eyes were not visible, they were caught by the camera. Letters similar to Turkic runes.

Dal mysteries and reality

Yury Udovichenko for several years working on the book «Secrets and mysteries of the Far East». A separate Chapter in the book dedicated to the legendary «the height 611» — the crash of a UFO near Dalnegorsk. There came the scientists studied, called the Russian rosellon.

— I went on an expedition organized by Valery Druzynowe. Around the city there is a coal mine, which closed in the early 90-ies. There is now a lake. According to the testimony of some witnesses, there lives a certain creature. The locals, of course, laughing. We tried the sounder to detect the creature at the bottom of the lake. Equipment weird led, a surprising picture: at the bottom is a huge long «sausages», which should not be there. Made a video of sailing boat, and the boat – something with tentacles.

The place is pathogenic, «Martian». There you can shoot fantastic movies. Water erodes rock — the blue clay falls.

People were told that in this district have found a rare breed similar to the metal alloy, which broke the teeth of the excavator bucket, someone told me about the giant snakes. Said, that in these places crashed unidentified flying object. Because of this, there is a gravitational anomaly.

— A closed system. Fish in the lake there, but its not enough. Vegetation is almost none. There was previously mined radioactive coal. Took him to Vladivostok, heated housing. We found on the shore of coal, radioactivity exceeded three times normal. One of the versions may have dug up SOMETHING. It fell into the water and came back to life. It’s like a giant leech, never attacking people.

The researchers tried to «communicate» with the animal, gave the sound in the water. The night began pandemonium. Appeared everywhere lights.

Apparently, these beings communicate in the range of ultrasonic waves, and we with our sonar interference.

Bigfoot and strange circles

In the North of Khabarovsk Krai in the area of the Aldan highland met the yetis. Places unexplored, sparsely populated. In the twenties of the last century wrote in the Newspapers that there are wild Chukchi that they are hairy, come to people. The Yakuts call them cucuname.

The article was given and description of chuchuna: «…tall, strong physique, dressed in animal skins, has a very long hair, fluttering in the running, armed with bows and arrows, eschews the locals, sometimes taken to the cellar for a edible, running very fast — faster horses».

There is an interesting place and in the Khabarovsk district, near the village of novokam’yanka.

— There is a strange spot with a diameter of one hundred meters. Marshes, meadows. If around the usual spots grass, inside of spots the weeds. Measured the radiation was normal. It’s similar to the burial grounds. Inside the circles are bald spots.

These artifacts

There is something to be proud of, have something to surprise hunters artifacts. There’s the petroglyphs near the villages of Sikachi-Alan and Malyshevo, Amur Nefertiti – Neolithic female figure, found in the Condon, and the oldest ceramics in the world older than 12 thousand years in the Archaeological Museum, the stone falls in the Khabarovsk area, the Amur posts in the Komsomol district.

Some alternative historians believe that this is the remains of an ancient civilization at a later time in these places there is a shamanic ritual: the sections of the wall with a clear poddannymi blocks, identical in size, similar to the pile, rectangular blocks that lie next to the wall (the feeling is that they were taken for building, but for some reason not stacked), two symmetrically placed semicircular blocks, resting on rectangular plates.

In the North-Eastern wall from the Shaman stone is a break. In the masonry and earth — blocks of rectangular cross-section 80 x 80 cm and a length of 4 meters. Near «the watchtower», located on the ridge, is composed of similar blocks of the room.

Yury Udovichenko also advises to visit the cave near Sosnovka. There 25 years ago missing boy, and psychics found out that near the village there are abnormal cave, which bends space and aktiviziruyutsya once a certain number of years. Next, by the way, built a bypass road.

And the island Adsen on lake Bolon’? There are flying saucers, and the stone statues (destroyed either by the Japanese, or our), the remains jurjansky temples. Near ACANA, they say, there is a cave where the people of Habarova silver was mined.

Mountain Muggles to a shamanic Shrine. There on the hillside of Amateur researchers have discovered three tiers hewn granite slabs separated by sand playgrounds, a plate was fitted to each other so that between them held a knife blade.

Anui pillars (Nadge) in the area of the river Gobilli, where the first Arseniev saw the «flying man» and described it in his book later.

To quote in full: «I heard the flapping of wings. Out of the fog loomed a big dark mass and flew over the river. After a moment, she disappeared into the dense fumes that all of the above were lifted up from the earth. The dog expressed a clear fear all the time and clung to my legs. I was surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere, a strange combination of the forest silence, the incessant noise of water in the river, bursts of frightened fish, the rustle of grass shaken by the wind. At this time, on the other hand heard the cries, like the cries of a woman. In the evening after dinner I told judehazam about what he had seen in the forest. They began very animatedly to say that in these places there is a man who can fly through the air. Hunters often see his footprints, which suddenly appear on the ground and just as suddenly disappear, which is possible only if the person drops on top of the earth, and again rises into the air. Udegeytsy tried to follow him, but every time he scared people with noise and shouting, just exactly what I heard today.»

There are miracles in the Khabarovsk region, there are places where no one has gone before. Every traveler has a chance to open the «Amur Atlantis».


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