Giant Charles Byrne is waiting for its funeral, now 235 years old

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Gigantism is a serious illness, so all the giants of our time (the giants of the past it is not) suffering-suffering not only from their high growth, primarily from various diseases that accompany gigantism as soon as a person reaches puberty, or even earlier.

Гигант Чарльз Бирн ждет своих похорон вот уже 235 лет

But it turns out that in the past the unfortunate giants threatened another serious danger – not to be buried after death. Irish giant increase of 232 cm Charles Byrne (1761 – 1783) the last years of his life literally begged friends to put his body in a metal coffin was taken to sea and dumped it deep, so couldn’t get no surgeon.

Particularly BIRT feared doctor-compatriot John hunter, who had their own Cabinet of curiosities, a huge collection of stuffed animals and other biological curiosities. As it turned out, Charles had feared hunter is not in vain. Once BIRT has died at the age of 22, Almighty surgeon got has the body of a giant, freed his skeleton from the flesh and made an exhibit of his private collection.

Гигант Чарльз Бирн ждет своих похорон вот уже 235 лет

After the death of John hunter, the skeleton of the Irish giant falls to the museums of Britain, that is exposed to public view. Currently, he is an exhibit Hinteranschlag Museum in London. And because now this place has been closed for three years for reconstruction of the building, the Royal College of surgery, which owns the Museum, finally, promises to bury the remains of the Irish giant, according to his will.

Note that all previous petitions and various public organizations that require to bring the skeleton of Charles Byrne land Board of the Royal College of Surgeons of London always refuses, emphasizing the scientific value of this exhibit. However, this year on the fate of the British giant, as noted by the Guardian finally looked differently. Therefore, it seems that the poor giant Ireland waited for his funeral almost two and a half centuries.

As claimed by the Christian religion, and Charles Byrne was a Christian, the soul of man can not leave our world and go to Heaven until the body is interred or fire, but because the phantom Irish giant, quite possibly, roams the Earth still, cursing fishermen from Bristol. The fact that, according to legend, fishermen received for the funeral of his body in the sea a decent fee, but then decided to change the proposed surgeon John hunter £ 130 and sold him miserable Byrne…


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