The alleged humanoid appeared in the Network

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Снимок с предполагаемым гуманоидом появился в Сети

The alleged representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, appearing regularly in the airspace of different countries of the world, have long since ceased to surprise people, however, pictures with these so-called humanoids very rarely appear online. This new social network Reddit has surprised one of its users. A man captured a strange entity in his house, noting that in the frame were a real «green man». How and for what purpose the stranger snuck into the home, at the moment, I bet the regulars of the Global web. However, some of them believe that the guy just wants to become famous through fictional stories, and in the picture is actually his wife, reminiscent of alien due to normal light.

The author of the mysterious and frightening pictures, won’t say his name, and concealed his place of residence, but excitedly told about the circumstances under which was created the remarkable frame. According to the Creator of intriguing material, this day he wanted to photograph his son was in good spirits. Thus at that moment the room was only the offspring of the father, and only in the photo let me know about his strange guest.

As you can see in the pictures, behind the boy, who is in the living room, there is a dark silhouette with strange body proportions, resembling humanoid. The stranger has a long neck and a small head. His hands are thin and curved feet don’t have feet. As reported by the eyewitness to this anomaly, nothing like that to remove it was not going and was scared to death when I began to view my pictures with my son and stumbled upon an alleged alien. While he never managed to calm down after this incident, because the man does not exclude that the mysterious creature can stay in the house or within viewing distance from it. By the way, at first alarmed witness the strange phenomenon of thought that someone illegally broke into his home, therefore hastened to arm ski pole, and then checked all the rooms. Find him one and failed.

Only after his search for a possible burglar, not crowned with success, the author was definitively established that behind of his offspring was the representative of alien life, which for some reason decided to stay in other people’s walls. Many skeptics said that nothing mysterious is not in the picture because their job played an illusion and the problem with the camera. Moreover, the adherents of classical science tried to reassure the author of the scary pictures, but the man refused to believe in their hypotheses and addressed to employees of the company UFO.

As explained by the parent of a child, behind whose back stood something, you cannot rely on the assumptions of thinkers from the Internet when it comes to the safety of family. Now this man looks forward to, when relevant experts will investigate and tell him how you need to act now to avoid such risks. By the way, the first experts on mysterious business you need to check the material for authenticity.

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