Where there the ability to have ordinary people

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Откуда появляются способности у заурядных людей

The story holds many mysteries that are still, despite the existing level of development of modern technologies, it is impossible to solve. Such historical secrets is the emergence of the incredible abilities of a seemingly quite ordinary people. As explanation for these phenomena does not exist, the researchers suggested that a similar effect arises when these individuals begin to receive direct instructions from extraterrestrial intelligence. How do these orders – no matter: maybe telepathically, there may be some other way…

Example of a person undergoing a mystical suggestion, think of the famous woman Joan of Arc. Before his historic takeoff on Olympus, she was a regular peasant girl. So, it goes a century of military confrontation between France and England. Jeanne heard a «mysterious voice» which gave her the order to liberate the city of Orleans from the enemy’s environment, then do your best to the king of France was Charles VII of Valois dynasty. And most importantly, the girl was obliged to perform, almost too heavy for her task is to banish the English from French land.

You can be surprised, but Joan of Arc, some absolutely incomprehensible way, managed to gather quite a professional army and to unite their common goal. She was able to inspire the soldiers, that they blindly and furiously rushed into any fight, even if the numerical advantage was on the side of the enemies. Troops under the leadership of the militant girls won the battle. But the «mysterious voice» do not leave her without help, he had repeatedly warned her about the coming events. For example, in the battle of Pote polutoratysyachnogo the army of Joan of Arc inflicted a crushing defeat to the British army which amounted to 5 thousand soldiers. And the French in this battle lost only 10 people, and the British 2500!

The French army led by Joan of Arc, freed all the French cities and made stunning, the speed, the turning point in the war. The mysterious «counselor» of Joan of Arc told her that soon she will be captured. The girl did not hide the possibility of this event from their colleagues. Subsequent events confirmed these predictions: the girl was captured by the Burgundians surrounded her posse near Compiegne. In prison she became seriously ill. The doctors found her illness is incurable. But once again came to the aid of a «mysterious voice» who predicted her quick recovery.

The Tribunal of the Inquisition, judging Joan of Arc, did not believe the girl about visiting her «night voice from above» by declaring her a witch and accused of communications with evil spirits. The Tribunal took the expected decision to send Joan of Arc to the stake. But it turned out it was just the official version. Penalty belligerent girls led to a whole series of mysterious events.

It should be noted a strange fact: the fire girl brought in a cloak with a large hood hiding the face tightly. About eight hundred English soldiers surrounded the place of execution, keeping close to the crowd. Besides, still not found a report confirming the execution of Joan of Arc. Another interesting fact: for a short time, all the judges of the Tribunal, handed down the sentence to Joan of Arc died. Five years have passed. And suddenly the real Joan of Arc I saw on the street in Metz. The learned people who knew her.

Immediately there were witnesses who claimed that Joan of Arc escaped from the prison using a secret passage. And maybe helped her «mysterious voice» and this story seems to have ended as a happy end.

After his mysterious recovery, she married, raised two sons. And in the 20th century, the Pope quashed the decision of the Tribunal of Rouen, declaring Joan of Arc a Saint.

George Washington, also told his friend E. Sherman, about a mysterious event that occurred to him at a time when his army lost the British the battle for Philadelphia in December 1777. Experiencing defeat, he was alone in the room and tried to find a way out of a catastrophic situation, which was the army. Suddenly the room was filled with bright light and before him appeared a beautiful woman. The woman stretched out her hand towards the East and D. Washington in a daze, began to have visions. He saw the angel, a hand scooping water from the ocean, sprinkles of Asia and Europe. With pleasure he observed the prosperity of the state. But the third vision was a military confrontation between America and countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

But it is not only a mystical encounter. In the diaries of the President you can find entries about the mysterious flying objects and green-skinned creatures who supplied him with information about the intentions of the British army, and gave good advice.

Another military leader, well known in Europe, like «exposed» to the impact of extraterrestrial civilizations – Napoleon Bonaparte. They say that there is no conclusive proof of this assumption. It turns out that in 1990 a Professor of Lefebvre found in the skull of Napoleon implanted implant, which is a small plaque, similar to a modern chip. Researchers believe that through this tiny device, communications transmitted directly to the brain of Napoleon. The approximate time of implantation the 1794. It was at this time Napoleon was gone for a few days.

Historians have acknowledged that up to this time Napoleon was not notable for military and organizational talent. And after the aliens took control of his brain began a rapid and successful military career of Napoleon. So, in 1796, Bonaparte was ruled by a scantily clad and hungry army, but, nevertheless, he won several brilliant victories over the armies, exceeding the armies of Napoleon in numbers, and having the best weapons. He triumphantly held in the territory of Italy. To his companions he said that he was sent toward the goal by some great force, but if they will leave him, he will lose everything.

With the help of these mystical powers he felt invincible, so often seen in the forefront of the fighting. During such fearless behavior, not one enemy bullet or projectile does not inflict wounds. Napoleon was so confident in the victory of Austerlitz, which slept peacefully until the battle itself. And when his army fiercely fought at Wagram, he commanded him to prepare a sleeping place on the ground and fell asleep. Waking up, he immediately actively involved in the command of the fight.

Mystical event occurred during the battle of Arsene. Fuming kernel flopped in front of the row of soldiers. All froze in horror. Napoleon forced his horse to stay directly above the core. The munition exploded, thrust the belly of the horse, and Napoleon himself, whole and intact, just took the other horse.

During one of the assassination attempts in the year 1800, the carriage of the commander managed to drive past a bomb threat moments before the explosion. After proclaiming himself Emperor, Napoleon quickly joined his Empire and several European States. But, in 1810, Napoleon changed and disappeared his courage, he turned into an ordinary person. This fact can be explained only in one way – using alien mind stopped.

I wonder what would have become of human history, if an alien intelligence had not intervened at key moments? Whether the aliens were trying to help humanity, or they pursued a completely different purpose?

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