Axle Gears – the oldest bridge in the world

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It is a megalithic construction, which is not less than 4 thousand years, long time after its discovery, identified the temple, the dam, then something else, and only recently, scientists have clearly determined that the ancient Sumerian city of Wells just had here is a brick bridge over the waterway, which is, of course, has not survived to our days.

Мост Гирсу – самый древний мост в мире

Therefore, the axle Gears can be considered the most ancient in the world, preserved to our days, at least here in such a dilapidated state.

Add that the city of Wells is considered the most ancient in the history of mankind. It is located between the modern cities of Iraq – Basra and Baghdad. The gears were the same capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lagash, was considered a sacred city, built about 5 thousand years ago in honor of the Sumerian God Ningirsu. Moreover, when the political power of the state subsequently moved to the city of Lagash, the Gears continued to be a recognized religious center.

Мост Гирсу – самый древний мост в мире

The city of the Gears and gave us knowledge about the ancient Sumerian civilization as well as the unique monuments of Sumerian architecture, including this ancient brick bridge, which was discovered in 1920 (specify that the city of Wells opened by French archaeologists in 1877).

Мост Гирсу – самый древний мост в мире

Unfortunately, for almost a century the most ancient bridge of the Gears were practically available to everyone, it absolutely was not guarded as the greatest architectural landmark, but because – just destroyed.

Мост Гирсу – самый древний мост в мире

The truth is today the oldest settlement of the Gears (modern Tello) is used and, accordingly, is protected by the British Museum, which here is training Iraqi archaeologists. Recently, the Museum staff said that the training programme is planned the restoration of the oldest bridge of the Gears. Well, this is encouraging and happy…


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