In stormy skies I noticed the huge disk sizes

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A resident of the United States John Flanagan says that he passed the night of June 1 by the city of Huntsville (Alabama) and accidentally witnessed a striking celestial phenomenon that can hardly be explained rationally.

В грозовом небе заметили диск колоссальных размеров

American says that there was a thunderstorm, and he, moving the highway by car, decided to capture the lightning on camera phones. However, something happened which was unpredictable. At some point in the dark sky appeared a mysterious silver disk of colossal dimensions. Of course, the operator immediately felt that captured on video an unidentified flying object.

Once the world wide web, the following video has caused a heated discussion among users of the Network. Some commentators argue that Flanagan saw a «flying saucer» representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. According to others, it was some bizarre celestial phenomenon. Still others are convinced that John mistook for a UFO reflection of a subject in the window of the car. Finally, there were those skeptics who felt that the American engaged in a hoax, and before us is the result of skillful editing. The author of the post in response said that the charges of the materialists is baseless.

В грозовом небе заметили диск колоссальных размеров

Many ufologists who have studied this material, came to the conclusion that the American actually filmed a real UFO. According to these researchers, an unidentified object visually is much further than glass so may not be a reflection of an object inside the cabin. In addition, if this were a reflection, it would be seen in the window constantly, not only during lightning flashes.

Thus, experts believe that the lens of the phone of a witness got «something from another world.» And this is just one of a great many evidence of the existence of such anomalies, which, in turn, teach people to see the surrounding reality more widely, not only the framework of physical laws that we «hammered» into the heads at school…


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