Michael Jackson is alive?

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Michael Jackson is alive and is releasing new songs via his sister Janet, that’s the idea occurred to one of the fans of the great singer after listening to a song which takes his sister Janet Jackson.

Майкл Джексон жив?

We are talking about the song «Great forever», which takes Janet, but the careful man noticed that the voice seems oddly familiar to him and he slowed the music playback in the editor.

And when he turned and listened to the slow version of this song it was crazy — the voice was undoubtedly the allegedly deceased Michael Jackson.

This song was born six years after Michael has passed on from an overdose of pills appointed him his personal doctor. The doctor gave it time and after serving two years has already released. The question arises, how 6 years after the official death of the singer, there is a song in which you used his voice only in quickening embodiment and issued by the voice of his sister Janet.

Michael Jackson really alive? Or his sister with the producers use of the unreleased song of Michael’s passing them off as the song itself Janet?

Strange story… But if you listen to the song in question, not even a fan of Michael will be able to note its striking similarity with his voice…


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