Zombies from the past to the present day

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Зомби от прошлого до наших дней

The word «zombie» many people associate with horror films in which the unknown virus infects people, causing them to turn into the living dead. But in fact there is such a thing as «zombie syndrome», which is not as rare and refers to the living dead raised by voodoo magic.

Who are the zombies?

This concept came into Western languages from the voodoo practiced in African countries and Haiti. This magic combines African and native American beliefs, European occultism, and even contains elements of Catholicism. Particularly active the cult was developing in Haiti, and brainwashed people can be found there today.

Zombies are dead and buried people raise from the grave and give them a semblance of life wizards, practitioners of this cult. These people don’t remember anything about his past life and completely subordinate to the will of the sorcerer who raised them — bokora. According to eyewitnesses, a lot of zombies working on the plantations of Haiti, the processing field. They are comfortable working, because will never be angry, or to demand payment for the work.

Today, there is a version according to which zombies are not dead, and had fallen into a state like coma people. This state is caused artificially by mixing in food or water of particular drugs. Then wizards supposedly «revive» a dead body and completely suppress the victim’s will, using techniques of hypnosis and drugs. Thus, the person loses free will and becomes deceased for the family, whereas in fact it can work anywhere on the plantation as a slave for many years.

Modern technology zombie

Today active debate about the existence of so-called psychotronic weapons, with which the human psyche can affect the distance. This effect is due to the radiation of electromagnetic waves of certain frequency. The official authorities categorically deny even the possibility of the existence of such weapons, but despite this, with an enviable regularity there are people claiming that being exposed to such weapons.

The possession of these weapons would be desirable for many, as it would allow to manage people, achieving the desired result without war. There is evidence that over such technology worked, both in the USSR and in the USA. Even the famous inventor Tesla in the late 19th century was able to create a powerful generator of high-frequency signals, which transmit energy without wires to a distance of several tens of miles. Later, the inventor has died under strange circumstances, and his designs mysteriously disappeared. Today his legacy can be considered the HAARP project, which started in the late 90’s of the last century in Alaska. Officially it is designed to study phenomena occurring in the ionosphere, polar lights. But in fact, many experts believe that this range of antennas is a powerful tool to influence the climate of the planet, as well as, most importantly, on the psyche of people. This is perhaps due to the fact that the antenna systems operating on the same frequency with the human brain, so the impulses can have a negative impact on the psyche. As a result, many fear that НААRP will contribute to the transformation of the population into a mass of spineless puppets.

In the USSR there was a similar set of antennas, which was located near the town of Pripyat. He completed his work after the Chernobyl accident, but today, according to some, similar functions have the antenna complex in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Working on psychotronic weapons was conducted in the middle of the last century. It is known that in Canada in the 60’s there was a program «MK-ultra», the purpose of which was remote influence on the psyche of the people of the microwave pulses. Her victims were many dozens of ordinary people who did not even know that they carried out horrific experiments. Many of them were the result of a mental hospital, as he started to hear voices inside his head, and even lost control over their thoughts and actions for teams coming from outside.

Today the victim of psychotronic radiation to prove anything is almost impossible – such people are quickly placed in psychiatric hospitals without any investigation. While no one can be sure that the protected from such. Modern media do use methods of neuro-linguistic programming and other technologies to manipulate the mass consciousness. As a result, people do not need to impose his or her values, lifestyle, make them obedient puppets. All this is done gradually, so that no one and nothing to notice. Therefore means of mass mind control is a truly terrible weapon that cannot be protected by thick walls and missile shield.


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