Scientists: UFO or meteorite fell into a lake in Karelia (video)

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Scientists: UFO or meteorite fell into a lake in Karelia. Citizens of Karelia puzzled and rapidly discuss the fall from the sky in one of the lakes of Segezha region obscure object that punched a hole in the ice with a diameter of approximately 12 metres, and left a crater at the bottom of a lake with a diameter of about 3 meters.

Ученые: НЛО или метеорит упал в озеро в Карелии (видео)

As you know, about the strange hole in the ice of the Vyg, which is located approximately 300 kilometers to the North from Petrozavodsk city reported to the Ministry by a local resident who came to fish.

The staff of the Ministry, of course, went to the challenge, but nothing not found in addition to the gaps in the ice with a diameter of 20 meters and a funnel at the bottom of the lake. In addition an unknown object partially destroyed the nearby shore of the island.

However, no one was killed or lost, no technology drowned and rescuers had stopped their activities at the crash site of the strange object.

Researchers do not undertake the investigation of this case, considering that the lake is likely to have fallen chip of the satellite. Scientists all blamed on the lack of evidence in the form of a photo or video.

Scientists say that a meteorite is accompanied by a bright glow and noise, and in the fall of this object, nothing was observed. Besides, it has several times observed the fall of pieces of carrier rockets.

However, in the Internet appeared the video, which shows the result of a fall of an unknown object in Karelia.

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