The Englishman clearly has a picture of a flying saucer

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English tourist that recently visited the village of Burley in the County of Hampshire, has made a mysterious picture showing an unidentified flying object in the shape of a saucer. According to an eyewitness, metallic UFO, like a classic flying saucer, rapidly swept low over the trees, but our hero was able to clearly capture it on camera phones. Amazed at his find, the man hurried to put the amazing scenes at the Internet (

Англичанин отчетливо сфотографировал «летающую тарелку»

British UFO researcher and blogger Ben Curtis commented on this material in the following way:

Yes, it’s a real «flying saucer», I have no doubt about that. As we can see, the contours of the unidentified object are blurred, but this only means that he was moving while shooting at high speed. In addition, some devices are «little green men» often surrounded by an invisible protective field that creates such a blur in the photo. But, ironically, this is one of the most clear and quality pictures of UFOs that I have ever seen. Not just any dot or monochrome balloon in the sky, but the real aircraft, leaving no doubt that before us is really something from another planet.

Англичанин отчетливо сфотографировал «летающую тарелку»

World wide web users agreed with the British ufologist that the picture turned out really great, very impressive, and it is in importance can compete with many videos in which almost nothing can be viewed properly.

However, some users are not agree with Curtis that this is definitely a flying saucer aliens. It seems that they wrote, in our world, often breaking «observers» or even «tourists» from parallel worlds or from the future. Of course, for us they are aliens, and yet these «observers» are also likely humans, why not come in touch with us: perhaps there is a certain ban…

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