The process of destruction of mankind has passed its final stage

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Conspiracy theories, aliens, Freemasons – the world will end soon, but who is behind it all — you should understand. The government can hide many things which ordinary people don’t even realize. Experts around the world continue to seek the truth, and many of them are close to the answer so close, you risk to be erased from the face of the Earth. But the conclusion is one: the process of destruction of mankind has passed its final stage, and the manifestation of that visible to the naked eye today. War, disasters, unexplained phenomena, and the list goes on long enough, but it happens for a reason.

Процесс уничтожения человечества перешел на финальную стадию

Masonic movement last year celebrated its 300th anniversary, although for many centuries almost unknown to mankind the thoughts of community members. The essence one is under a signature stamp «top secret» be kept innocuous actions can not, therefore this category of people causes fear in people around the world who have already started to prepare for the Apocalypse. It is impossible to say who suffered from their actions first, but the extermination of humanity – no longer a myth. And not in vain, many politicians have joined the ranks of the Freemasons to control the world’s consciousness.

Another issue is the explanation of the infinite mystical occurrences, whether it be UFOs or mysterious disappearance of thousands of people around the world, as well as endless statements by ufologists about the dangers of waiting citizens. Aliens in touch with a person not yet out, but there is evidence to the contrary, but what it happens is not completely clear. The mechanism of intimidation of humanity is already running, and periodic warnings about the end of the world can be a fiction, and reason to think.

If we consider the military conflicts and try to figure out who picks them – is still much more than answers. And here we must return to the numerous attempted recruitment, where an armed man – the weight of gold. All around is scary, but people continue to die even in secret wars, and the conclusion – the management of the world’s consciousness works.

Not just appeared in the world and artificial intelligence, which at some stage can join forces against sentient beings and to destroy them as weaker. Whatever you say – the irreversibility of the Apocalypse is confirmed repeatedly, it’s just in time. It remains to understand who to fear more – the politicians, aliens, and secret military development for the destruction of all around or the secret society of Freemasons, which have ceased to escape.


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