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«Одержимые» вещи

The horror movie «Christine» tells the story of Dushevina car, which was guarded from the slightest danger of the owner and killed not only his enemies, but friends. However, few people know that this story is not complete fiction – obsessed things, including cars really exist, causing considerable damage to their owners. They are called cursed and, as a rule, these things don’t last long one owner.

The car of the Archduke

One of the most famous damned car is a Mercedes, the first owner of which was the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In it he died from the bullet of the terrorist along with his wife. After that, the owner of the car was the Austrian Datevec who used it as a staff transport and which began to pursue failure after that. In the future, the General resigned and went crazy, and the car has a new owner – also a soldier with the rank of captain. He died in a car accident, without having to travel in a luxury Mercedes. Next, the car changed many owners, but almost all of them died in a traffic accident with his participation. In total on account of the ill-fated Mercedes has more than 2 dozen deaths of its owners.

Today the car is in the Museum in Vienna, so can’t harm anyone, but this is not a guarantee that the monster is completely harmless.

Domestic car killer

There are examples of cursed cars and in our country. The most famous can be called VAZ-2101, replaced a lot of owners, and is known for his antics. For the first time about it it became known after his owner was killed on a good road in dry weather. The man was sober and adequate. After that «Zhiguli» was to drive the wife of the deceased, but soon abandoned the idea – during one of his visits the woman was grabbed by the throat by someone unseen. This horrible incident was the last straw, and the car was sold. Further VAZ also changed a lot of owners that didn’t fit as I could – every time I pushed in the garage, standing on the handbrake, he went into the oncoming lane. In addition, the children of the next buyer even saw him as a Ghost. In the end, the ill-fated car was chosen as the host of Igor K., who first believed in all the mysticism associated with the car. But when he was faced with hell, tried to get rid of the transport, and when it came out, left it under Windows without locking the door. But VAZ in spite of this, was not interested even the hijackers, who had heard about his devilish nature and gradually crumbled, standing near his house the last owner.

There are many stories which involve bloody cars. In all cases they bring trouble to their owners. Often a «bad» vehicle becomes after the tragic death of the first owner, it’s like revenge for his death. Or we can assume that the owner of the soul after death does not want to part with his property and the car becomes as if possessed by the spirit of the owner. Known cases when after the rite of consecration, all the evil stuff stopped and the car became normal.

A curse on things and people

Damned can be not only cars, but also any other things. Cases are known when people bought old mirrors, or they got it as an inheritance, and then began hell. In the mirror at night visible lights or shadowy figures, often with their appearance in housing starts poltergeist. And it concerns not only mirrors, but also any other things like jewelry, furniture, of the housing.

Known cases when people have stolen the jewels that adorn the statues of gods, and then they, too, fell the curse. This story is related to the hope diamond, which was extracted from the forehead of the statue in the Indian temple. The man who took the stone – Edmond Chalet soon after died, it killed the dog. But the stone continued on his bloody path, ruining their owners one by one. Today the diamond is in the Smithsonian Institute, and that belongs to a specific person, as some argue, not hurting anyone.

Sometimes the bearer of the curse, the person becomes, in this case, it is called fatal because it brings you trouble. So, in Petersburg lived before the revolution, the famous beauty Aurora Sternal, from which went crazy many young people. But everyone who was close to her, waiting for the unenviable fate of the suitors and men of the Aurora were killed and died one after another. In the end, the woman is resigned to his fate, but after her death, the curse of the persecuted all who are in any way related to its name. For example, Maslov wrote a poem dedicated to this woman, and after some time died.

Damn thing and people are not as rare as it might seem. So each when buying a car, or something else, you should be careful not to become obsessed by the owner of the property, which could ruin its owner.


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