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Сокровища Юсуповых

Pearls are considered the most mysterious stone in the world. He has an incredibly fascinating and romantic qualities. In the world there are many legends and myths, confirming his divine origin.

One of the legends says that once people saw a brutal battle in the heavens between the dragons. Bright lightning lit the sky, loud thunder was just deafening, the sky was covered with dark clouds. And suddenly, with all this incredible situation, people poured amazing rain – each drop a perfect gem.

Lunar legend of the origin of the pearl is also quite entertaining. It argues that the pearl originated due to the moon. The light of the moon some mysterious way fell into the conch shell. At that time, as the Moon lights the night the Ground, its light, sinking to the bottom of the earth’s bodies of water, enters the shell, and turns into pearls.

The Indians also with the divine enthralled with pearls. Appreciated it more than emeralds, diamonds and rubies. In the treasures of the rulers of India holds vast deposits of gems. Some Indians believe that the pearls they gave the God Krishna, when he presented the pearl necklace to my daughter as a wedding present. Since in any marriage ceremony, there is a decoration of pearls.

The elderly in India can tell a different story. It argues that pearl is frozen raindrops, which somehow fell into the sink. Imagine the rain over the sea, loud drops hit the water surface. Awakened by the noise, oysters rise to the surface, opening their own doors. Within each shell gets only one raindrop sink from sinks to the seabed. It was there, in the depths of the magic happens turning a drop into the pearl.

Despite the marine origin of pearls, which assured the Indians, in their epic there is another version: the pearls happened because of a special breed of elephants that were hidden pearl of pearls in a frontal folds.

The Indians believe the legends about the origin of the stones. One, for example, such – the myth of the battle of king snakes Asura with a huge monster. As a result of this terrible battle the king was killed. The one, his divine blood that was shed on the ground, turned into precious stones, and the one that was in the river, turned round rubies, one that spilled into the sea became emeralds. Sea bitterly bewailed the fate of the deity and his tears turned into pearls amazing.

The Slavs also kept the myths about the origin of pearls. They say that pearls into drops of water flowing down from beautiful water colors. If the drops fell into the water at sunset – so Golden pearl, when at noon, then silver, and those who came from a morning drop, bought a soft pink hue.

It is not surprising that among Filipino pearl divers had their own version about his birth. According to her, pearls in shells occur after the touch of the morning ray of the rising sun to the open shell. The legend tells that before the shells with the pearls collected near the shore. But when the greed of people has led to violent clashes over the right to possess this marine treasure, the pearl hidden in the deepest troughs of the sea. And now their production requires great effort.

Despite the large number of beautiful pearls known to mankind, there are several unique instances. These include the famous pearl «Pelegrina», nicknamed the «wanderer». The history of it very interesting and it began in the 16th century. Black slave caught her near the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama. The slave owners were so awed pearls with unique pear shape and has a clean milky-white color, which at once gave freedom to the slave, so to repay him for the discovery.

Pearl had been in the hands of many monarchs of Europe. Including the French king Philip IV, which gave the pearl as a gift for the wedding of his daughter Maria Theresa. As time went on, changing the owners of pearls.

In Russia it appeared at the turn of 19-20 centuries. «Peregrina» in the hands of the niece of Emperor Nicholas II – Irina Alexandrovna Romanova. At that time its price was not less than one million rubles. Since the cost of the pearls has increased several times. Today, even the most experienced expert will take the responsibility to call the true value of this unique treasure. «Peregrina» is valuable, what form it is considered to be exemplary right, and the cleanliness excellent.

Princess Irina Romanova married the well-born Russian aristocrat and handsome Felix Yusupov. The pearl was the most valuable thing in the treasure-house of Yusupov. She was very interested in «the elder» and a favorite of the sovereign family – Grigory Rasputin. He repeatedly «reminded» of the aristocracy, the desire to see «Peregrina», but Yusupov was not in a hurry to do it. Rasputin had often told the Prince that he owns two valuable jewels, meaning «Peregrine» and Princess Irina. It is not excluded that it took to lure the «old man» in the Yusupov Palace, the Prince promised to give the pearl Rasputin. The elder, crazy dreams to the sea a jewel, went to the house of the Prince. But what happened next is known to all.

In 1917 the family of the Yusupovs left Russia, the task of monitoring the safety of their estate, the Butler Buzhinsky. Many were aware of the infinite riches of the Yusupov clan. Undoubtedly, leaving the country, Yusupov could not take all the treasures were hidden in many ingenious hiding places. Before leaving, Felix was sure of the imminent return to Russia. The Bolsheviks were subjected to a thorough search of all the Yusupov house and questioned the servants. In the end I found only two stores with hidden works of art and jewels. But the pearls «Peregrine» wasn’t there.

Some of the found treasures, the Soviet government sold abroad or have presented to the representatives of foreign States. The Cheka had its agents in many European countries. One of their responsibilities was surveillance of wealthy aristocrats, who had time to leave Russia. Agents have been unable to find traces of pearls «Peregrina». And indeed Princess Irina Yusupova constantly talking, answering many questions that she did not know the fate of the unique pearls. It was clear that the secret to sell the jewel is impossible because all the jewelers knew about it. And who from moneybags will give millions without proper examination jewels?

Pearl looked not only Russian agents. Interested in Americans and rich Arabs, but the traces, it would seem, was finally lost. Destiny «Peregrine» was considered the most greatest mystery of the 20th century.

Years passed… Felix Yusupov, together with his wife and a faithful servant Gregory, lived in Paris. Not used to a wealthy aristocrat to count money, so we had to spend and gave them no account. Soon he found himself absolutely without means of subsistence. Then the Prince, taking from its hiding pearl «peregrine», went to the famous Parisian jeweler. Seeing the legendary treasure, the jeweler lost the gift of speech. Nimble jeweler immediately bought the pearl. And after a short time she was offered for sale at a Christie’s auction. The acquirer paid for it about 3 million francs.

Yusupov, of course, the pearl was much less, but the money was quickly dissipated aristocrat. Until the end of his days he lived at the expense of his only servants of David.

This story has become famous through the story of Felix Yusupov’s granddaughter – Xenia Nikolaevna Sheremet’evoy-Yusupova. The bearer of the most famous names of Russian lives modestly in Greece and enjoys meeting with her daughter and grandson.

In the 20th century pearl «Peregrino» saw at Sotheby’s. As a result of trading, it became the property of the husband of the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor. So it was in the hands of the American. Order Taylor jewelers from the French company «Cartier» produced the amazing beauty of the necklace, in which is inserted the pearl «peregrine». Decoration became the most favorite for the actress. There are many pictures of Taylor where she’s wearing this necklace.

In 2011, after the death of the actress, the necklace was exhibited at Christie’s auction where it went for $ 12 million. And though after that, the pearl was considered the most expensive in the world, you need to give that her «frame» — the necklace was truly the greatest piece of jewelry.

It’s safe to say that another secret of the 20th century solved!

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