The idol of Golden Woman naden near Dyatlov pass

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This legend for hundreds of years. Ancient idol depicting a woman, is the totem for the Northern peoples inhabiting the Urals. Do not know its origin, no one really has seen him. But in the history books you can find many stories of witnesses who allegedly «saw» her in my eyes. By the way, when a white man actively began to develop Siberia and the Urals, the idol was moved, and then hid. Someone says that the idol is in a secret cave, someone claims that the statue stands on top of a mountain, and indeed is part of it.

Идол Золотая Баба наден рядом с перевалом Дятлова

The Golden woman, usually described as a statue of a woman with a strong chest and wide hips. Symbolizes disappeared in the depths of the history of matriarchy. The goddess is a symbol of the cult of mother, wife, mistress. Brought her, and perhaps today, bring, sacrifice, and jewelry. Her carefully guarded secret. But, in my opinion, it has long and firmly been lost. The years of atheism, socialism, then the impact of wild capitalism, has long been killed all interest in this legend. I think that the guardians of the secrets long dead…

Идол Золотая Баба наден рядом с перевалом Дятлова

However, the idol is well preserved. It is 30 kilometers to the West, the mystical Dyatlov pass. Satellite photograph of this artifact is on Google Earth. The photos were taken in 2013. The statue stands on top of a small mountain, among the pine trees. It is carved out of rock and completely monolithic. I must say that the silhouette of the statue is clearly visible, but it is dark. So I used companyhouse photo filter to add detail to this picture. Did it for a very long time. But the result was worth it. In addition to the statue in this place there are remains of some buildings, something like a small pyramid. The statue is quite large. About twenty meters tall and thirteen meters wide.

I will not say anything. Maybe it’s just a rock, or a fancy cedar. But, just in case, give the coordinates of the finds. Can anyone visit this place? But there can only be accessed climbers. The statue here: 61.774526°, 60.040985°,the structure here: 61.773199°, 60.042407° So, go ahead. May be you will find there a miracle?


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