In the UK again recorded a UFO

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In the UK again recorded a UFO. 26-year-old Briton was struck by the appearance in the blue sky above her home, a mysterious silver object UFO the size of a car. In her eyes it split, then merged and flew away. This is a wonderful vision she photographed on a smartphone.

В Великобритании снова зафиксировали НЛО

«I went out to the backyard to smoke, when this thing literally shot out of the trees and stopped right above me. It was so weird that I held my breath, but then I ran into the house to get a smartphone. It (UFO) hovered in one place and rotated, and the whole time I was hanging in the air, grazing next to the sheep was making awful unlike usual bleating. Razdvoenie into two parts, the object slowly joined together and after 15 seconds in an instant sped up. After that, the sheep fell silent. I don’t believe in aliens, and I do not understand what it was.»

Her grandmother and aunt say that in the past they faced similar objects arriving from the forest, but this occurred only at night.

Nikolai Ivanov

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