Anomalous zone in Polish Karpacz

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Few people know that in the Polish town of Karpacz there is an astonishing gravitational anomaly. At least, its presence there is misleading many local residents and visitors the witnesses.

Аномальная зона в польском Карпаче

We are talking about a small are inclined stretch of road on which different objects are supposed to roll up. Specialists in the supernatural were suddenly interested in the following video, produced in August 2014. The cryptic entry shows a man riding on the road on a roller Board. Apparently, he’s just down the slope, and this is not surprising.

However, at some point, the skateboard suddenly stops halfway down, and the protagonist of the video may no longer pass on it a centimeter. When the pole rises from the Board, she slowly begins to roll back, which, of course, contradicts the known laws of physics. Skeptics on the web, as you can guess, argue that we face an optical illusion or hoax. However, the inhabitants in response to this I suggest all doubters to visit the city and see for yourself here in the presence of a mysterious gravitational anomaly, for sure taking a measurement level.

All this has prompted independent researchers to pay attention to, as it turned out, timeless video, and even going in the way. However, such gravitational anomalies in the world are many, for example, in Russia they are in the Caucasus, in the Crimea (highway Feodosiya – Alushta, see the video below) and some other places. This natural (or artificial phenomenon) try to study and understand for a long time, but he still remains a mystery to scientists and a definite fun for tourists. Locals note, get used to it and hardly pay attention to the gravity anomaly, but… with pleasure demonstrate it to visitors, to some extent even proud of it. And poles of the city of Karpacz in this plan not an exception…


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