Aliens kidnapped Hitler during the storming of Berlin

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The aliens saved the leader of Nazi Germany from imminent death in may 1945, leaving the Fuhrerbunker double.

Инопланетяне похитили Гитлера во время штурма Берлина

According to the information in the history books, Adolf Hitler died on 30 April 1945 by a gunshot wound to the head and ingestion of cyanide. Ufologists believe, arrived in the ruined Berlin of the UFO at the last moment saved the Fuhrer from the violence of Soviet soldiers, as evidenced by the picture archive of the red army.

Инопланетяне похитили Гитлера во время штурма Берлина

It has been well documented, at the peak of power, the Third Reich has built a secret military base in Antarctica to communicate with aliens. How far the Nazis were able to move in the interplanetary Affairs, told the American Admiral Richard Byrd, who went in 1947 to capture the hidden in the ice weapons of the Germans and to eliminate intended for Fourth Reich facilities. The result is a mystical death impressive part of the team of Baird and lost his mind surviving sailors. Knowing about the technological sophistication of the Nazis, ufologists have no doubt, the aliens began their occult allies. Perhaps in order not to lose business contacts with the smartest the human race in 1940-ies, the aliens decided to save the leader from certain death.

Инопланетяне похитили Гитлера во время штурма Берлина

«He survived, leaving to the fools the whole world. Knew that the Soviets and Americans, it is no wonder Hitler searched for many years after the end of world war II,» said spread sensational photo ufologists.

UFO kidnapped the head of the Third Reich during the storming of Berlin, when Soviet tanks were within a few kilometers from Fuhrerbunker. Rather, the alien «saucer» went to Antarctica, hiding Hitler in hitherto unexplored icy tunnels.

Инопланетяне похитили Гитлера во время штурма Берлина

In addition to photos, ufologists reinforce his version of the legendary weapon of the leader of the Nazis. In particular, the aliens have provided drawings of their space ships, so that the führer could build a earth UFO. You can also recall the giant artillery gun Dora land cruiser «Monster» and a Sun of a gun – all this technology at least a century ahead of his time, allegedly, not without the help of aliens.


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