Moscow was visited by the chief Mason of the planet

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On a short visit to Moscow there has arrived the head of the Order of the Egyptian Freemasonry of the Ancient and Accepted of the Charter of the Memphis-Mizraim, the only owner of 100 degrees of initiation in the Masonic hierarchy, the Emperor, the Grand General Hierophant of both hemispheres, the Sovereign Architect of the World Frank Ripel.

In an interview with «New sheets» he told about the origin of ancient civilizations and the role in this process of aliens:

Москву посетил главный масон планеты

Mr. Ripel, please tell us about the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Could it be that the pyramids at Giza and the civilization of Ancient Egypt was created by aliens from the stars?

In all ancient civilizations of the world, we can detect a pyramid shape. It is from the Egyptians, it is the South American civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs. Pyramids were built in Ancient China. In General, the shape of the pyramids is everywhere. In fact, those civilizations that did not touch each other, all possessed this knowledge, they were able to build the pyramids. Accordingly, it is obvious that it was some kind of alien influence, any contact, in which aliens gave it the ability to build the pyramids. Not so long ago released my book «Ancient Gods» and «From the darkness of time.» And they say about ancient civilizations, since civilizations alien who brought life to the planet Earth, and which created the first ancient civilizations such as Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis. And then, since the Golden age, each other followed other civilizations. This book is constructed in the form of a novel in the form of a story. And this is the only text that I wrote it in the form of a story.

Please tell me how to combine the story of the so-called paleocontacts with the ability to build the pyramids? Aliens came down to Earth, handed over this knowledge, or is it humanity itself asked them about it?

In my opinion, that the aliens at some point came down to Earth and have passed this knowledge. We know that the Egyptian pyramids were built with such engineering precision, which the Egyptians simply did not possess.

The pyramids give a mystical significance. Take the pyramids in South America, to take the pyramids in Egypt, to take the pyramids and mounds on the territory of Russia. What mystical significance carry these pyramids?

The pyramid is based on perfect geometric form, the so-called Golden section. Accordingly, it appears that the pyramid is the embodiment of perfection.

And what secrets keep those pyramids? Many people tend to assume that all of the expedition for opening the tombs of the pharaohs, opening the pyramids of the Maya, Inca and Aztecs, our Russian burial mounds are then some sorrow to mankind, and other global disasters.

I do not think that the opening of pyramids brings with it some sorrow. The main mystery that hides the pyramid is the burial chamber of Pharaoh, so the pyramid shape was to help the Pharaoh, who appeared in this burial chamber, due to the energy of the pyramid to rise in the constellation «Orion» and become a God.

Why in the constellation «Orion» the Gods live?

Orion is a constellation, where on Earth in ancient time went by aliens. And the three Egyptian pyramids fully reproduce the location of the three main stars in the constellation Orion. And not only these pyramids. There are others, like «the red pyramid». But they all embody fully, the whole constellation «Orion». That is, the aliens are fully reproduced on the Ground the constellation «Orion». As I said, here, three Egyptian pyramids consists of three main stars and then the other pyramids, completely reproduce on Earth all the seven stars of the constellation «Orion».


Are there right now aliens from the constellation «Orion» on our planet, and whether they inhabit our civilization? Whether they are among us?

I believe that there are different types, so to speak, of living life, different races, which continue to affect the Earth and earthlings. And there are different types of aliens. Moreover, on the Ground continue to see alien objects, and such objects are seen by thousands each year. And this means that there are different kinds of aliens who come to Earth.


Uninitiated people often ask, what is the highest degree in the Masonic hierarchy. Someone calls 33rd (this is the highest degree in the Scottish Constitution), someone-90th (highest initiatory degree in Egyptian Freemasonry, the Charter of the Memphis-Mizraim), one — 99-u (this degree is the Hierophant of the rite of Memphis-Mizraim, «Coming before the Great Architect of the Universe»).

In fact, the system of the Charter of the Egyptian Freemasonry revision at the Congress in Brussels in 1934, the year would be 100 degrees. While the Grand Hierophant (head of the Charter) was to have the 98-th degree, 99 degree awarded «Highest Unknown Heads» (the secret leaders of the Charter), and 100-degree, named «Sovereign architect of the world», had to be attributed to the ideology of the order.

However, Guillermo Trolo (Argentina), who was at the Congress to hold a post of the Grand Hierophant of Memphis-Mizraim, began to protest against the presence in the Charter of the «unknown leaders.» He is motivated by the fact that in the XX century, difficult to store any anonymity, and the idea of «unknown chapters» in the history of Freemasonry never nothing good ends. For if a man does not glorify — why did he claim to lead the order? If it is known — which of his «unknown Chapter»?

As a result, the number of degrees was reduced to 99.

In the twenty-first century, it was decided to revive the 100° degree in the Charter of the Memphis-Mizraim. The degree Statute reads:
«100° degree represents the pinnacle of the Masonic pyramid — the pyramidion.

100° degree may be awarded only one person in the world, lead to the degree of the Charter of the Memphis-Mizraim and having a Sanctuary (or lodges) on most continents of the Earth.

Awarded 100° degree by the decision of the Deputies of the Great Hierophant in the degree not lower than 97°, the amount of not less than four, symbolizing the 4 cardinal directions. At least one signer must have a diploma 98° degree (S::I::)».

The current owner of the 100-th degree is Frank Ripel (Baron of Gianfranco Perilli), the famous Italian esoteric and occultist, author of numerous books, translated into five languages (including to Russian). Frank Ripel headed «Egyptian Freemasonry of the Ancient and Accepted of the Charter of the Memphis-Mizraim» (MEAPRMM) with 53 of the sanctuary around the world (called Sanctuary of the Lodge Charter, which is working to the highest degrees).

The founder of the Charter of the Egyptian Freemasonry was count Alessandro Cagliostro (born in Tunisia, 1749-1796). He is not subject, as indicated in some sources identify with the kind of Giuseppe Balsamo (1743-1795), an adventurer, a native of Palermo, recruited members of the Jesuits to discredit the real count Cagliostro.

Alessandro Cagliostro was dedicated to the Egyptian Freemasonry of the mysterious Master Aldotcom in 1776, the year of the Foundation of the Order of the Illuminati.

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