The phenomenon of «Miraculous feeding»

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«Miraculous feeding» or «feeding of the multitude of people» is called a miracle wrought by Jesus Christ when he mysteriously transformed a small amount of food big enough to feed a lot of hungry people.

Aware of two such miracles: the First miracle «Saturation 5000 people» is the only miracle (besides the resurrection) that is present in all four canonical Gospels. This miracle is also known as the «Miracle of five loaves and two fishes.»

Jesus was a large crowd of students, people from different cities and when they got hungry, they had only five loaves and two fish. Jesus said to bring the food, the people were ordered to sit on the grass. Emphasized that people sat in rows of 100 and 50 people. He took bread and fish, looked up to heaven, Jesus offered thanks. Then he broke the bread and gave food to the disciples and they gave them to the people. «And they all ate and were filled, and after the disciples gathered twelve baskets of pieces».

Феномен "Чудесного кормления"

The second miracle — «Saturation 4000 people» recorded in the Gospels of Mark, however, is absent in the Gospels of Luke and John. This miracle is also known as «Miracle of the seven loaves and the fishes.» According to the description it is similar to the first, only different is the number of people and number of baskets with the collected food. Sometimes these two miracles combined into one.

Ufologists interpreted these miracles as another proof that Jesus was an alien, and the multiplication of food produced using unknown high technology. From the same area were «wonderful machine» for the production of manna that fell from heaven and fed the people in the Bible.

The most curious thing that this miracle of multiplication of food in the different centuries was able to repeat some of the Christian saints.

Holy Angiolo Paoli had a lot of fun, miraculously multiplying the amount of food to distribute to the poor of Rome. In his «Life» tells about the meals in monasteries, where Paoli repeatedly demonstrated this ability.

Such miracles and founder of the community «Daughters of the cross» Andre Fournet, by the way, later canonized. In 1824, in the community, almost no food — corn. Fournet gave the sisters a sermon on the miracle of feeding the people of Christ, and then ordered to collect the remains of corn in two piles.

He began to walk in circles around them, reading prayers, and after a while invited everybody to the table. In the end, a few dozen sisters ate corn for more than two months, and the number of food groups is not reduced.

Cases of «miraculous feeding» is also mentioned in the «Life of blessed John Bosco», in particular what happened during the harsh winter of 1845 in Bourges and in 1860, in Turin.

So what is it? Where did all this come from? It is possible that the human imagination works not with empty, and with a delicate matter, and because the imaginary world is as real as the physical. But it is made up of matter different properties and can exist only in a constant replenishment of psychic energy.

In other words, for example, an imaginary house really exists, but only to forget about it, it will collapse and disappear. Or rather, not completely, but as long as the imagination would raise him up again.

You can imagine how different the laws of the imaginary world from the laws of the physical world. In his imagination man is truly omnipotent like God. It is enough moments to mount to turn into plain and plain — in the vast expanse of the sea.

It is clear how complex the physical implementation of such changes. And in an imaginary world a person can create something that never existed.

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