Scientists are baffled by a giant staircase, was found in Antarctica

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Bizarre giant staircase discovered in Antarctica. The structure may be the remnants of the lost city of Atlantis, according to researchers, writes

The mysterious structure was discovered on Google Earth and is a huge staircase leading up the side of mountains in Antarctica.

According to UFO researchers, the ladder can be, for example, by the landing of a UFO or some sort of «beacon UFO», which sends signals to the approaching UFO to help them navigate the terrain.

Ученые озадачены гигантской лестницей, найденной в Антарктиде

Users comment on the image.

«It looks like the ladder may be, is part of the pyramid?»

«I don’t believe in aliens, but I believe that we have lived on this planet many times in our past.»

«It’s more of a landing spot than the stairs.»

«I consider the structure of the places related to the fallen angels and Niphilim, whom the Bible mentions, it is their … high-tech demonic activity.»

As reported some people believe that the ancient Atlantis was located on the continent of Antarctica.

The icy continent is a really lovely scene for all sorts of mysteries and conspiracies.

But now, anyone can ask a question on this topic as we have new reports of strange phenomena occurring there, and the photographic evidence of strange land of anomalies that could be ancient structures buried in the ice.

Recently, a mysterious staircase was spotted by satellite, and many seekers of the truth indicate that it is probably a long-lost pyramid or temple, probably of the time of the mythical Atlantis.

Watch the following video to learn more details! ( Video in English, it’s possible to activate subtitles in Russian language).

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