American Bigfoot (bigfoots) have the ability to disappear right in front of witnesses

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The basic theory associated with a snow man or Yeti or Bigfoot, as it is called in North America, is that this huge creature, like a monkey, roaming through the mountains or forests, is some unknown to science bipedal APE and may well be the ancestor of man.

However, in recent years there appeared a lot of evidence that this may be very wrong. These include a very unusual message from North America about the sudden appearance and disappearance of these strange creatures in front of witnesses.

In the US, big, hairy creatures often fall on a photo or video, but who’s really a bear or Bigfoot, hard to say

Американские йети (бигфуты) обладают способностью исчезать прямо на глазах очевидцев

One such case occurred in July 2016 with a hunter from Albuquerque named Jean, which is about 7 am was hunting elk near the town of Gallup, located on the border of Arizona and Mexico. This is a very remote and mountainous territory in the Navajo nation.

Walking on a steep rocky slope, gin felt followed by some large animal, which is possibly even stalking him.

«I served in the Navy, and you know when someone is watching me. About a half hour I was constantly looking around, but saw no one. I went to the top of table mountain which had a view of the canyon, quickly went to the edge and heard a loud steps. Right in the middle of the canyon and out of nowhere popped up seven wild horses. I went to this place from all sides, turned his head and saw him.

He stood at the top, and then jumped, one foot down, second up. It was the one called «Bigfoot». Imagine I’m in the middle of the Indian reservation, on the mountain side, and beneath me the six-meter canyon…

It blew my mind. He was 50 metres away and looking right at me. And then I ran. Between us was already 100 meters, when he threw a stone at me. It was a huge rock, she would have killed me if I hadn’t stumbled.»

Scared Jim raised his rifle and fired at the pursuing Behemoth. He could clearly see that got right into it, but after several steps the massive beast simply vanished in the air, as if it never happened.

When the completely bewildered hunter took a breath and decided to go back, found on the ground a huge number of tracks, but drops of blood was nowhere to be seen.

«I don’t know where it came from and what happened afterwards. When I did, he just disappeared. I went in his footsteps… It was near the top of table mountain, so he had nowhere to go. But I never saw myself in there never came back».

The same unexplained event occurred in the summer of 2000 in southern new Mexico. John Bohannon was driving on a dirt road West of the campsite «Three rivers», near Alamogordo, when I saw a huge bipedal creature similar to a monkey.

Bigfoot moved in the same direction as the car, so the driver slowed down to see it. The body is massive 2.5-metre animal was covered with short, reddish-brown hair, and his face was like «Neanderthal».

He quickly walked 30 metres from the car, and then looked directly at John, suddenly vanished into thin air, as if it just erased. According to an eyewitness, there were no trees, nor anything else where he might be hiding, it seemed that he went through the «invisible wall».

Another curious story told Larry Trowel, which in August 1980 in the vicinity of Eugene city, located in Western Oregon, hit the «interdimensional portal». That day, Larry decided to hike on the Indian trail of Mallala, which connects the spurs of the mountains Calblanque and nearby Oakridge.

During the campaign, despite the Sunny weather, at some point, everything became blurry, cloudy and grey. And although the sky was no clouds, it seemed that the earth fell a great shadow.

«It was like I was in someone’s sunglasses. I took a step, another. With each step it became darker, and the grey murkiness turned into a jumble of shapes that have no meaning.»

Once Larry walked through what seemed to him a «barrier», everything became sharp and distinct. But on the street it was night and the wind completely stopped. Looking around, Larry noticed that instead of the oil, it was thick, unrecognizable jungle, and the air seemed thick and oppressively humid.

Американские йети (бигфуты) обладают способностью исчезать прямо на глазах очевидцев

Despite the fact that it was night, and the sky was not the moon, he discovered that he could see. Larry thought that some mysterious source of light lit up the landscape. And at this point, the air shuddered from the «continuous sound», which immediately filled him with unbearable fear.

«It was at this point over my right shoulder came a whisper: «Now leave.» I can’t tell if I heard it with my ears, it sounded in my head. I was so scared that she felt as for a moment stopped my heart. This whisper saved me. I opened my mouth, suffocated by the thick air, and then bounced back on the traces. Then rushed back and looked over his right shoulder.

Dark haired hand with bright fingernails reached for my throat. The fingernails were clean and looked well maintained. The thumb on the delicate and strong hands were lower than in humans. One hand clenched just at the spot where a moment ago was my neck, and as soon as I stepped through the portal, disappeared in the distance.»

Larry took a few steps back and were back in the cool mountain air, in familiar surroundings, and the portal in the form of an oval window slowly dissolved in the air in front of him. Excited witness, without looking back, ran to his truck. Later, analyzing what happened to him, he came to the conclusion that it was some kind of inter-dimensional trap.

«On the way home I was in shock at the thought of what will happen if I enter a car into this trap. No matter what it was , something was trying to kill me. For many years I had nightmares, and I still do not understand what happened. My fingers tremble and hair stand on the back of my head when I write about it.»

In another report, a woman by the name montanes for the away team drove along the deserted road to the East of Texas city of El Paso and noticed Bigfoot leaning over a dead coyote. She slowed down to better examine the strange sight, and suddenly saw a large creature began to sink into the ground until it disappeared.

The woman was sure that in that place was a cave, and the animal just disappeared into the darkness. When this place was examined, the earth did not have any caves or burrows. Curious, but the coyote is gone too. Where did they go? Hardly anyone will answer this question.

Not surprisingly, without a trace vanishing Bigfoot believe in inter-dimensional travelers who use the portals or vortices. Some call them ghosts or spirits, someone thinks it’s the aliens with the cloaks-invisibility or psychic abilities, and skeptics, as always, are convinced that all this is just tales.

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