Anomalies little Yakutian lakes in the Goddamn face

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A small lake called devil’s Eyes (informal) in the vicinity of Olekminsk (Yakutia) is considered anomalous area (called olekminskiy anomalous zone), and its occurrence may be linked to the meteorite.

Аномалии маленького якутского озера Чертов глаз

«Devil’s eyes» is right in front of Olekminsk, a few metres from the banks of the river Lena, in the open. It is very round, with a diameter of about 30 meters. The coast is steep, the visible light shaft above the swampy meadow.

Of course, in the rich lakes of Yakutia a lot of perfectly round bodies, but «devil’s eyes» stands out amongst them all, and too much resembles a huge crater from the explosion of an unusually large artillery shell.

About the lake, the researchers of anomalous phenomena was first known from a native of Olekminsk, nowadays the resident of Yaroslavl, Paul Serkin. He, like all boys, he loved to fish and one day, along with friends went on lake which the people was infamous. No, it wasn’t drowning, and evil forces like, was not found. But every year in late July — early August over the lake saw a strange glow — always on the same place in the sky.

Knowledgeable people have said that it happens «when Earth, moving along the orbit falls in a certain area of space», then the over strained due to the different density areas of the earth surface (over geological faults) occur lightning; and the pipe of the lake at this time sends the «signals» that evening blurred by the lightning effect in Cumulus clouds.

It can be easily seen from the slopes of the main river terrace, the Windows of the houses on the street May, with the city’s Waterfront. Father Paul told us that men are therefore called the lake «the devil eye».

In 1947 P. Serkin decided to put in this lake network with a length of 20 meters with heavy gruselle. With his nephew and a friend they dragged the boat and began to get her down the steep Bank into the lake. The nose of the boat plunged into the water, then, as the pushing came up, scooping a few buckets of water.

The kids did not like the place, and they went to the Bayou to catch minnows. The remaining Paul is one end of a network tied to a peg hammered, the other to the stern of the boat and swam to the middle of the lake, pulling the chain behind him. Suddenly, he felt the boat slow down. Looked rope from the stern vertically goes down, the floats are seen. Pulled the network from the shore, untied the rope and quickly disappeared into the dark depths.

Returning to the shore, Paul looked at the linked network of rope on the edge of the shore vertically sinking of the first float and sinker weak light shines nearby. The network hung and formed a narrow band. Taut rope testified that the other end of the network has not reached the bottom. Slowly, with great effort, the boy pulled her back. In memory of the teenager left a creepy feeling from the dark abyss.

Many years later Paul had to think seriously about a long-standing incident. What unknown force drew the chain to the bottom of the lake? What kind of «light signals» are sent every year from its depths?

Steep Bank with sparse herbaceous vegetation had krasnostudenchesky view, indicating that the sediment of the soil. But why the circular side of the lake, where there are no currents, settles? So, this round pond — young education. So Paul, it has been suggested that the lake at that time was no more than 35-45 years.

Most interesting: 1947 minus 35-45 years get a time close to the year of the Tunguska meteorite (1908). And the crash site in degrees North latitude is also almost identical. And the distance between the places of the fall of 1500 km to the foreign body (if we assume that the lake appeared as a result of falling bodies of extraterrestrial origin) is not so great.

Аномалии маленького якутского озера Чертов глаз

Recall that among the researchers of the Tunguska explosion, it is believed that in the Tungus taiga didn’t fall any meteorite. Were the explosions, and those explosions still not found. What was the «bomb» the empty forest, for what reason? Perhaps, concludes P. Serkin, «alien ship that crashed, originally dropped their energy resources in the area of the Podkamennaya Tungusska, and then fell from Olekminsk».

But why the decline of the cosmic body no one noticed? How did the lake and why human memory is left of rumors about his appearance? Serkin believes that in the area where permafrost reaches several hundred meters and has the strength of the rock, any body falling from above, will break and will remain almost at the surface.

But the banks of large rivers remain telemovie tape. Imagine — in the late autumn or winter for those rare places in South-Western cyclone brought snow storm. It was night, and this time from the sky, something fell. Body, piercing only the winter firmament, entered the talik. From the residential space, located three kilometers on the other side of the river, the sound of the shot was carried away by a strong wind. The resulting funnel was filled with water from the oxbow lakes and the river.

For 2— 3 days surface layer is frozen, and it was covered with snow. The first spring flood flooded meadow floodplain, passing the ice dulled the shaft, the water brought the mud, the wind — seeds plants and fall to the shore shaft of the lake was covered first with grass.

Olekmintsy in those times, almost did not swim on the right Bank of the hay was not cut, and fishing is bad there because of the sandbanks. A village of woodcutters Zarechny, located downstream, was founded in 1948. So nothing to be surprised: night fall and fresh crater could remain unnoticed by the locals.

And it is not excluded such a possibility, according to Paul Serkin that «at the bottom of the lake under a thick layer of alluvial silt still lies the largest meteorite or even a deformed UFO». However in version serkina there is an important minus is the author of it forgot that in fact the Tunguska explosion occurred not in the summer, and in the height of summer, and not at night and in the morning.

However, research in this area has not yet happened. Most are familiar with the arguments serkina people believe that the relationship of the «devil eyes» with the Tunguska meteorite is more than doubtful. However, I must admit that the fact of existence of such mysterious lake is interesting in itself.

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