«Something boomed and jumped on the bed»

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Childhood and my youth passed in Tajikistan, in a small urban village called Shaartuz (translated from Tajik «city of salt»). The family was large as all the inhabitants of the region, to eight children.

We lived in a private house, had a small vegetable garden where fruit trees grew and a few grapes. In the farthest corner of the plot stood a small bathhouse, and above it, a huge «tent» from the vine. In the shade of the grape — the metal bed.

"Что-то ухнуло и прыгнуло ко мне на кровать"

Once, after an evening movie show at the club I went to accompany a friend home. Goodbye to him, I quietly entered the yard. It was somewhere around midnight, the whole family is fast asleep. Not to Wake anyone, I went to the end of the garden and lay down on the bed.

It was surprisingly quiet, not even barking dogs. I looked at the star-studded sky and began to fall asleep as something close hooted and jumped on the bed.

Frightened I has been petrified. Want to read prayers, but I can’t remember a single word. Want to cross but can’t move hand nor foot. When that «something» turned out to be quite close to my face, I even felt his heavy breathing.

Suddenly, somehow, our dog and began barking. This «something» giggled at me threw clods of earth, and everything disappeared.

Everything is still shaking from the experience of horror, I jumped up and ran into the house, seeing nothing in front of him. Having flown a bullet inside, I threw myself on the bed, where slept my two younger sisters, and squeezed between them. Long could not fall asleep.

When the morning came and our little family woke up, I had to tell him about the night’s incident. All laughed, and decided that it was my imagination run wild. But when purely out of interest went to the bed, he saw that its legs to half went into the ground. And the veil lay scattered about the ground.

What was it? Don’t know. Only our old next-door neighbor, after hearing my story, said that our house stands on the site of some old mound- an ancient grave. Maybe there will be demand for an overnight guest?

Subsequently, none of us ventured in later in the day to go to the bathhouse, near which stood a bed. And in the afternoon there was no reason for concern, we are also, as before, continued to relax in the shade of grapes.

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