Sodom and Gomorrah may have died because of the asteroid

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In 2008, the British Alan bond and mark Hempsell published a book in which he advanced the hypothesis of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by an asteroid. As evidence the authors draw on ancient cuneiform, found in the middle of the XIX century in the ruins of the Royal library in Nineveh and stored in the British Museum under the number К8538.

A clay disc from Sumer

Sodom and Gomorrah — two well-known biblical cities which, according to the Bible was destroyed by God for the sins of their inhabitants. Cities were, according to the old Testament in the Dead sea area, but the exact place is now unknown.

According to the Bible, in the days of Abraham, Sodom was a flourishing and rich city, but because the people «were evil and very sinful» (Gen. 13:13), «then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven, and thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and [all] the vegetation in the land» (Gen. 19:24-25).

Содом и Гоморра возможно погибли из-за падения астероида

Were put forward different versions of the catastrophic destruction of cities. But the clue came from an unexpected quarter. In the British Museum a century and a half kept a clay disc with printed on it the arrangement of stars and planets. Rather, the Museum is the Assyrian copy, also quite ancient, Sumerian drive.

Many centuries ago, a Sumerian astronomer reflected on a clay disk interesting celestial phenomenon. All this was applied on a fairly accurate map of the sky, at the limit of those possibilities.

In 2008, disc interested astronomer, doctor of physical Sciences mark Hempsell of Bricolage University (UK). The picture of the stars and planets crossed the dotted line. The scientist came to the conclusion that Sumerian astronomer thus portrayed a bright object crossed the sky and which took in Europe. The flight of a large meteorite was apparently quite impressive.

Содом и Гоморра возможно погибли из-за падения астероида

Hansell set out to find out when and where flying meteorite. With appropriate computer programs and knowing with the location of the stars in the sky in that distant time, it was possible to quite accurately determine the day when all this happened. After three months of hard work, he has received the first result: it happened in the middle of the summer of the year 3123 BC.

Archaeologist Steven Collins from southwestern University Holy Trinity (Trinity Southwestern University in New Mexico) I am sure that he found the remains of the legendary Sodom. Collins dug in the district of tal-El-Hamman, in your mind under the area described in the Bible. Dug wall with a height of 10 meters and a thickness of 5, inside them are the ruins of numerous buildings. That is, we found a very large and respectable town, which actually was Sodom in the days of its prosperity. Installed: the ruins of the city, excavated by Collins, are approximately 35 century BC. Life it lasted about 700 years and then suddenly stopped.

Содом и Гоморра возможно погибли из-за падения астероида

Deadly beauty

The researchers were able to calculate where a huge meteorite fell – the Austrian Alps. According to scientists recreated the picture, the meteorite with a diameter of over a kilometer, and made a strong explosion. The result is a cloud of dust rose to a height of about 900 km. (For comparison, the international Space Station flies at an altitude of about 400 km). Scattered in different directions for miles and molten pieces of rock, which then began to dive down to the ground, having a temperature of 500-700 degrees.

In the Alps, in the Tyrolean village of Kofels (Köfels) in fact there is a very strange landscape, for a long time puzzling geologists: if something tore down the mountain.

— Asteroid and demolished, say British researchers. — But left no crater. Because crashed into the Ground at a very acute angle of about 6 degrees. Almost on a tangent. And exploded in the air, forming a fireball with a diameter of almost 5 kilometers. He, like a heat shell, and swept into the dust five kilometres of the mountain. And devastated on your way approximately a million square kilometers.

Содом и Гоморра возможно погибли из-за падения астероида

Содом и Гоморра возможно погибли из-за падения астероида

— By the way — says Hempsell — the catastrophic events associated with the fall of the asteroid, seen not only in the Bible but in many ancient myths. For example, the most famous of Phaethon, which did not cope with the fiery chariot of his father Helios, and fell from the sky.

Before dawn, before the hot summer day, many residents of Sodom and Gomorrah hurrying about their business, suddenly saw a fabulously beautiful view of thousands of bright stars sparkled and shimmered in the sky. The astonished people stood in the streets, looking at never-seen-before picture.

And then the fiery «stars» began to fall on people’s heads, killing or getting into houses and causing fires. Not many, including the legendary Lot with children, managed to escape. Except Sodom and Gomorrah was thus burned at least two more cities located near the Dead sea.

Told ice?

Another confirmation of the cataclysm that befell the planet, found glaciologists. By studying the cores of millennial glaciers, researchers found that almost 5200 years ago the Earth began a sudden cold. In the warm summer suddenly, the snow fell.

It was during this period blooming savannas of the Sahara, where grazing herds of cloven-hoofed animals, quickly turned into a desert. Apparently, the fault which occurred was the so-called effect of a nuclear winter, as a result of powerful explosions dust clouds permanently covered the Earth from the Sun.

The culprit of the authors of the study considered all the same asteroid that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Death of the cities near the Dead sea occurred, according to calculations Mark Hempsell, 5139 years ago. Independent research astronomers, archaeologists and glaciologists confirm each other.

Heavenly fire

About the tragedy that befell the crowded flourishing cities, wrote Strabo, Cornelius Tacitus, Josephus. Here he wrote the Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus three thousand years after the catastrophe that destroyed the ancient city:

«Spread plain,… which was once fertile and covered with populous cities, and then burnt with heavenly fire. Remains of cities are visible today, and the earth since you would be charred and can not bear fruit. Every plant, whether planted by human hand or is struggling, withers, blackens and crumbles to dust. That before the death of the once glorious and great cities, I am ready to believe that they were burned by the heavenly fire.»

Содом и Гоморра возможно погибли из-за падения астероида

A Greek historian and geographer Strabo wrote: «here and There across the destroyed homes. So you have to believe very common among local legends about how it was once 13 inhabited cities, of which the main city — Sodom — had about 60 stages (10.5 km) in circumference».

The biblical version

The Bible is, or rather, the old Testament, told the world about the terrible tragedy that occurred off the coast of the Dead sea. But the fact that in the old Testament affected the city is called Sodom (in transfer with Hebrew — «burning») and is the name that he wore before the tragedy, pushing for some reflections.

If the authors of the Bible did not lead the name of the city before the disaster, perhaps they simply didn’t know. Came new people, who saw the terrible destruction and learned about the incident from the few survivors, and in the folk memory of the aliens was not self-dead city.

Содом и Гоморра возможно погибли из-за падения астероида

In the Bible, the tragedy served through the perception of the Lot, the main character of the story. But everything that happened is described approximately 500 years after the death of Lot. Then his memories, if they were, could be passed on in the oral presentation from generation to generation.

In each transmission something is lost and something is added. And there are a lot of reasons. In this way we have created the legend of the petrified wife of Lot. Resembling a human figure rock inspired someone to create a myth about a woman who did not obey God and Agranovskaya at the burning city.

In the sacred book of Muslims the Qur’an is given the parable of the righteous Louth and the city Salume steeped in sin. This parable completely, almost word for word, repeats the biblical tale. But there is one difference. The wife of LUT was a native of Sadoma and led a sinful life like his countrymen. The angels told LUT to leave the city, also reported that the unrighteous his wife to turn around and would punish with all the other sodomites.

Maybe the aliens blew up an atomic bomb?

Ufologists, of course, also searching for the perpetrators of a biblical massacre. And I suspect that the mysterious men, named by the angels who visited Abraham and Lot before the crash, actually were aliens. Because had supernatural powers: he appeared from nowhere, stripped the people of Sodom of view. And knew that city will be destroyed — literally in the hands brought him a Lot with his family.

Ufologists kind words from the Bible -«the Sun was risen upon the earth». Like, not yet dawn, and there was a flash from a nuclear explosion. Yes, and on a clay plate -«Planisphere» — see, not an asteroid, and a spaceship.

And how to understand the strange act of the Lot, who initially fled, surviving in the city of Zoar, and then went to live in a cave with her two daughters? His wife, as you know, turned into a pillar of salt — didn’t listen «aliens», which was forbidden to look back at the explosion.

The Bible says: «…for he feared to live in Zoar». And again: «God… sent Lot from the midst of destruction».

According to ufologists, the reason was the deadly radiation. It traces five thousand years, of course, disappeared. But somewhere comes the melted rock, vaguely similar to the one found on the ruins of the ancient Indian city of Mohenjo-Daro.

According to legend it was destroyed «powerful single projectile, charged with the whole power of the Universe. A gleaming pillar of smoke and fire broke out as ten thousand suns… Dead people it was impossible to recognize, but survivors it was short-lived: they had hair, teeth and nails.» Like Hiroshima, isn’t it?

Another question, why the aliens bombed Sodom and Gomorrah? Is it just because they didn’t like the local gays? Clearly not symmetric «response» puts into question the extraterrestrial version.

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