Evil in a deserted tundra was trying to scare geologist

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This story was told by the geologist M. A. Ulyashev from Vorkuta. It happened in the desolate tundra of the Arctic circle.

— One evening, started your story a geologist, two guys from our geophysical party told me of a strange story. They unanimously argued that from the window of a wooden hut, where we at that moment was sitting by the stove and drank tea, saw a crimson-red ball, flattened to the ground.

The ball was moving. When they came out of the house to consider the amazing ball better, he took off and quickly flew away. The conversation occurred in the beam — house on runners at number four.

This mysterious Orb was gradually forgotten, but to live in the gully at number four for some reason refused. The case allegedly happened different tricky strange incident, and so the house was empty.

Нечисть в безлюдной тундре пыталась пугать геолога

One fine frosty day in February, the head of the geophysical party told me that all move to a new Parking lot for hundreds of miles, and I must stay behind to guard the equipment that the new location will bring later. The tractor picked up houses on skids, and sledge train left the Parking lot.

Imagine my surprise when I belatedly discovered that the house number four left me, and all the other houses moved to a new location.

Here at me hair began to move! Around the vast tundra and it is my responsibility to guard and care for the remaining appliances. All those stories that I’ve heard before about the house number four, simply did not come out of my head.

The first night passed quietly, but in the future I was literally attacked by unknown aliens. The cabin was a complete mess. Themselves began to move the plates. Polar owl with strange sounds and then knocked on the door. I’ve sharpened the axe and put it next to the bed in case of sudden attack. The gun was not.

One night when I was already asleep, suddenly there was a loud explosion near the opposite wall from my house. I jumped up and grabbed the axe. Lit a candle, he began to inspect the walls. No damage from the explosion is not found… the Candle went out. And immediately the window lit up the face of a woman — quite pretty. The vision disappeared immediately as soon as I struck a match.

Then I have chills ran down his back. Was not just scary and creepy. Long I stood speechless, not knowing what to do. Because the yard — dead of the night, for hundreds of miles — not a single soul, and I alone with unknown ghosts!

I was awake in the candlelight until the morning, afraid to leave the house, but nothing happened. Only at dawn out of the beam and looked around. No marks found, and could not see them as a little purile and snow peppered the space around the house.

Decided to examine the place where the explosion occurred. And was surprised, when on the outside wall of the house at a height of 25-30 centimeters of snow cover found a deep dent from a strong blow, as if someone wanted to break through the wall hard with a sledgehammer — even the boards are cracked!

Two consecutive nights did not sleep. Day only slept in fits and starts. On the third night went as usual and fell asleep. Slept well but morning woke up from a strange noise. Then I heard behind a partition with a low but quite clearly spoken words: «Oh, it’s not ours. Blaha».

Then I jumped up, went around the house with axe in hand, but no one was there When we arrived… soon the tractor for a tank of fuel and lubricants, I immediately asked to go to the base and will never come back to this cabin, where he settled evil power…

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