The new Yorker is confident that his haunted by the Ghost of a child

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The new Yorker Adam Ellis on his page on Twitter claims that it is currently haunted by the Ghost of a dead child, who tries to kill him.

According to not a little frightened of Adam, rented an apartment in Manhattan, a strange boy started to appear to him in a dream.

«I think that at the present time he moved into the real world. The first time I saw him sitting in a green rocking chair at the foot of my bed. He was a huge ugly head, battered on the one hand, Adam tried as he could, sketch a portrait of a ghostly child. — For some time he just stared at me, but then he got up from his chair and began waddling closer to the bed. I suffer from sleep paralysis, so he couldn’t even move. But before he reached my bed, I woke up from a scream.»

Житель Нью-Йорка уверен, что его преследует призрак ребенка

Житель Нью-Йорка уверен, что его преследует призрак ребенка

A few nights later, Adam saw another dream: «I dreamed I was in the library, I approached the girl and said, «have You seen Dear David, isn’t it?» I was surprised, «Who?» Then she said, «Dear David. You’ve seen it. He died and appears only at midnight. You can ask him two questions only need to say: «Dear David first». Then she added, «But don’t ever try to ask him the third question, he’ll kill you.»

David returned the next night and was still sitting in the rocking chair by the window, looking at Adam.

«I ask him in a dream: «Dear David, how did you die?» He mumbles: «an Accident in the store.» «Dear David, what happened in the store?» He moans: «a Shelf fell on my head.» I went numb with fear and asked: «Who knocked over the shelf?» But David didn’t answer and I realized that asked a third question, and this could not be done».

At this point Adam woke up from fear.

The next few days puzzled the young man spent on searching for information about the lost child, but found nothing. He even try to change the names in Daniel, Dylan or Devon. But nothing… a Few weeks passed without incident and, just by the way, vacant apartment on the floor above, where Adam and moved.

«Two months passed, and I began to forget about Dear David. I think he lost me because I moved in upstairs. But lately, something strange is happening».

The last four nights of cat Adam gather near the front door at midnight and just looking at her.

Житель Нью-Йорка уверен, что его преследует призрак ребенка

Житель Нью-Йорка уверен, что его преследует призрак ребенка

«Last night I felt strange, looked in the eye, and I’m sure I saw movement on the other side. When I opened the door and turned on the light in the hallway, there was nothing there, but my cat was nervous. It seems that Dear David found me. I don’t know what to do» — six nights in a row one of the cats Adam sits at the door and looks at her.

Now the landlord decided not to open the door and took a picture of the porch through the peephole. Near the wooden railing something was moving. Then he videotaped the behavior of the cat and the strange movement of the bottom of the door.

«There’s something in there! I blocked the lock, climbed in bed and still hear my cat meowing at the door. I am very afraid».

Житель Нью-Йорка уверен, что его преследует призрак ребенка

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