Ten important rules if you saw a UFO

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It is easy to understand the laughter and skepticism of those people who have never had the luck to meet with a UFO. In the end, if their existence is still in doubt, who can prove that they are? However, the reality of its existence can be understood only by one who saw in the sky over a something completely unrealistic.

Writer Justin Sanders all started in my childhood in the backyard of my parent’s house. Noticing that his son was interested in astronomy, my parents bought him a telescope that he used to look at craters on the moon.

«One night when I was alone and gazed at the moon, something on the right caught my eye. I stepped away from the telescope and looked up. High above me were three triangular object with lights on corners. They did not move and did not produce any sounds».

Десять важных правил на случай, если вы увидели НЛО

Justin still remembers the fear and amazement, which he could not move or speak.

Looking into the lighted ships, he understood that it was a UFO. In his childhood he heard stories about aliens, and have always found these stories quite funny.

«Imagine my sudden surprise and disbelief, when it happened — continued Justin Sanders. — Needless to say, I got my telescope and went to bed. I turned the radio on in my room, as I always listened to music to go to sleep. But what I have heard, destroyed all my resolve. There was no music in the air sounded robotic conversation in some foreign language. I quickly turned off the radio and from the fear they could not sleep.»

The next morning, fearing that he will be called a liar, Justin did not say anything to the parents. Instead, he approached his younger brother, who was always his friend and confidant. He hoped that his brother would react to heard with understanding and wants to go look at the ships this very night, and although he agreed to do it, but still laughed.

Justin never did not see them, for the most part, never one to share my story, but over the years he is seriously interested in UFOs and a lot of experience, decided to share their knowledge, making it clear how dangerous this situation is.

«What do you do if you saw a UFO?» – Sanders led the ten important rules that must be followed when meeting with extraterrestrial vehicles:

  • Keep calm.
  • Be absolutely objective.
  • Clear UFO on your mobile phone.
  • Record on tape everything you see.
  • Ask other witnesses to do the same.
  • Do not approach the place where you can land a UFO.
  • Try to determine its size.
  • Try to determine the distance to the UFO.
  • Be ready to protect yourself from those who can get out of UFOs.
  • Report about what he saw in the research organization UFO.
  • Justin Sanders, Recalling that almost all the astronauts encountered UFOs, hopes his tips will help the common people to be more savvy in this matter.

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