Islamic Paradise: Wine, pearl palaces and houris

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Исламский Рай: Вино, жемчужные дворцы и гурии

Islam is much younger and much «more excitable than» Christianity. Of course, the interpretation of heaven of the Christians and Muslims don’t match. One in heaven waiting for the angels with musical instruments, others — Banquet tables and Guria.

The garden of Eden in the representation of Christians — full of light, and cleansed from every defilement ordered the churchyard. For Muslims it is something like an oasis with lush vegetation, fragrant flowers and huge heavy ripe fruit hanging from the branches. And the carnal pleasure is also represented here in abundance.

Planned enjoyment

In the Christian heaven where only the righteous, does not provide any enjoyment, in addition to the deep spiritual realization of God. This is the only reward that a person receives to be able to get rid of seducing his flesh, tempted from all sinful material world fully to become like heavenly creatures. No wonder the heavenly inhabitants — the pure soul. Souls, you know, do neither need to drink nor eat, nor even to have sex.

The feelings that they experience, especially sublime. The life of the righteous on earth was difficult and painful, suffer not only their bodies but also their souls. Now they are spared from suffering and receive complete healing, eternal joy.

The Jewish heaven, the father of Christian, was also a garden. And in this garden too, only the souls of the righteous. There, these souls were waiting for the Messiah and return them to the healed human body. To get to the garden of Eden was only after the seven celestial spheres. In the first sphere of the righteous get rid of everything that makes them miserable on earth.

The second of longing for family left at home. In the third — from passions and desires. In the fourth — all of body needs for food and comfort. In the fifth — from all earthly thoughts. In the sixth sphere to get rid of all the human began to hear heavenly music. In the seventh they could contemplate the angels and God.

As a result, they got into a Paradise — a garden of divine love, with pristine trees, fragrant wind, paths, paved with emeralds, with the city behind the Golden walls.

Paradise in Islam is somewhat different. In Islam there is no such title as «Paradise», he always referred to as «al-Jannah», meaning «garden.» The Islamic Paradise is the garden of Eden, where was Adam before the fall, a great fertile garden of grace with fruit trees and vineyards. Those who have the honour to get into the garden of Eden, will be serviced in full.

Исламский Рай: Вино, жемчужные дворцы и гурии

They will be asked to sit down on a comfortable bed clothed in luxurious clothing, they provide the opportunity to eat whatever they want, drink wine as much as they can drink. The days they will spend in the feast, to walk on spread out rugs, not to suffer neither headache nor hangover.

The wine is reported to all Islamic sources, drunk will not. Their every desire will be to anticipate the heavenly waiters boys with cups, vessels and bowls. And to everyone who entered into Paradise will be given the buxom and big-eyed virgins, called houris.

Among the traditions of Muhammad there is a description of this blissful place of Paradise and virgins:

«Set in gardens of eternity palaces made of pearls. In this Palace 70 areas of red sapphire, and in each room 70 rooms of green emeralds, each room has a bed, each bed with 70 beds of all colors, on each bed a wife of big-eyed, black-eyed. In each room a table, on every table 70 types of food. In each room 70 servants and maids. And every morning, the believer is given such power that he can cope with it.»

In short, the rewards for earthly works are not only aesthetic (the contemplation of heavenly beauty), not just spiritual (the attainment of divine love), but completely sensual and bodily pleasure. Caught in the «al-Jannu» enjoying the food, drinks, and all earthly pleasures.

Исламский Рай: Вино, жемчужные дворцы и гурии

From two to 144 thousand

Houris (Arabic khurul) in the Islamic «al-Janneh» was created in order to bring bliss. This is a wonderful creation with great black eyes, like unto pearls well-guarded. They are eternal virgins (nobody has touched it and no one saw). They live in the garden of Eden in tents.

These houris is so great that, «if a woman living in Paradise, looked into this world, she would light all the space between them and it be filled with fragrance. Indeed, the kerchief on her head is better than this world with all that therein is.»

In other words, the houris are not human nature, they’re like angels of the female sex, but of a lower rank — servants, created for carnal pleasures. An interesting feature of the houris: no matter how many men they use each time they go back to being virgins.

If you consider all references to the houris in the hadith, we can compose their «identikit»: the young age, height — 60 cubits (27.5 meters), width of the shoulders — elbows 7 (3.1 meters), smooth hairless body, white face with wide-set black eyes glittering in protein, full elastic Breasts, a sexy virgin, very beautiful, but behaves modestly and has no secretions (sweat, feces, nasal mucus, vomiting).

Originally every man was supposed to input in «al-Jannu» two heavenly friends. According to al-Bukhari, under gardens of grace men «its appearance will be similar to the moon in a full moon night… they will neither spit nor blow his nose, nor to defecate. Their vessels will be gold, and the crests — gold and silver, and their perspiration will smell like musk. Each of them will have two wives and the marrow of each of them will be visible through the flesh because of their beauty. Will not be among them no contention, no hatred, and their hearts will be like a single heart and they will glorify Allah morning and evening».

Исламский Рай: Вино, жемчужные дворцы и гурии

Paradise is the perfect wife for transformed men, who all, without exception, will be in Paradise for 33 years. However, over time the number of houris, relying believers after death, began to grow.

Two Guria soon turned into 70 (this number is mentioned already Muhammad himself, referring to the servants and maids). Then someone remembered that two houris have already been granted admission to Paradise. The number reached 72 houris. At first this number was a little confused by commentators, and it was given this explanation: the sexual force of a man in the gardens of grace are limitless.

And it is not surprising that 72 houris was not the limit. In the end the number of houris a man was a record 144 thousand. Heavenly bliss!

After the exploits

Houris houris, but what to do with the legitimate wives of men who are in the gardens of grace? The commentators of Islamic texts with that there were serious difficulties. Many were inclined to believe that the woman does not need to be in the Paradise, where will be their husbands. Mostly «al-Jannu» came directly from the battlefield — wars Muslims had set.

Houris could lure in «al-Jannu» any Muslim — from beardless youth to deep old. Believers in anticipation of a comfortable life on a full Board basis and with unearthly beauties were ready to fit into any military adventure.

Исламский Рай: Вино, жемчужные дворцы и гурии

Some charismatic leaders of the time were eager to use the Cairn as a great lure. The Creator of the order of assassins, Hassan-I Sabbah lured young boys with the aid of Guri and drugs. However, not all Muslims wanted to get rid of wives. Some wives loved and wanted to see them next to each other after death. The more that they were promised the return of youth.

The question was complicated. Guria, by their nature, were considered infertile. But the earthly wives was determined by nature to bear children. Had to specifically specify that women, too, with good behavior, will be in heaven, but will not be able to have children. But in the same way as Guria, after every night with her husband, they will become virgins.

However, in «al-Janneh», where men are retired, they are supposed to obey their husband and obey his every whim. And to share it with houris. And very cold comfort to them sounds like a promise that during lovemaking men with these creatures of the legitimate wife no see and hear…

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