French healer Philip Nisie has healed people with prayers

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Philip Antell, Nisie (Niser) was born 25 APR 1849 in a village in Savoy. Almost from infancy he was distinguished by a unique paranormal abilities. This fact many of his fans cite as the argument of his «God» talent, because at such a young age he was no one to learn the ability to control occult forces.

And paranormal talents of six of Nisie already greatly disturbed village priest who thought it may be a manifestation of demonic influence. But fortunately, at the age of thirteen Philip Antell, Nisie already used her unique gift for healing.

Philip Nisie was simultaneously revered and highly controversial figure, and some even considered him to be the returning Jesus

Французский целитель Филипп Низье излечивал людей молитвами

However, at the age of fourteen years Philip Antell, Nesie sent to Lyon in order to master any profession and begin to earn their daily bread. Lived in Lyon by his uncle, working as a butcher. This profession should be to develop the young Philip Nisie.

In Lyon during the butchering, Philip Nisie accidentally cut his tendon thumb and forefinger on his left hand. Because of this injury, you could lose your job. And then the young Philip Nisie right back severed finger, which barely held on, gripped it with his good hand and began to pray. Literally moments later the blood stopped, and the finger — not just healed, but rooted back to the palm, as if nothing happened!

When Nesie brought to the hospital, the doctor remained nothing how to apply a protective bandage and be surprised that there was no infection, nor any other negative side effects.

Philip Nisie volunteers the army in 1870. But a soldier he did not stay long. Returning from the war, he had to choose where to direct their path in life. And Philip Nise understands that there is no point in running from fate: in 1872 he opens his healing office in Lyon. This allows him to not only perfect a gift, but also to earn money to begin to learn medicine, of which he dreamed.

Opening the Cabinet where Philip Nisie healed people with the help of occult powers, he hoped not only to improve their skills, but also get the opportunity to study medicine, because they believed that the study of his gift will help to better treat the afflicted.

Французский целитель Филипп Низье излечивал людей молитвами

But the more spread the fame of Filippo Nise as the healer, the greater grew the envy of certified doctors. And, in the end, the jealousy reached such a height that Philip Nisle began to pursue the French police accused him of illegal medical practice.

Fortunately, it is not gone, because envious people-doctors do not have something to show him — Philip Nisie not even touched their patients, not committed any «satanic» rituals, and just… prayed for the health of man and he was healed!

Introduction by Philip Nisie with Papus (the famous French occultist of the time) has dramatically changed the life of both, they are not just met, two fantastic humans, but became friends, and their friendship was so deep and mutual that Nisie became the godfather of the son of Papus, which is in honor of Nisie also named Philip.

And it should be understood that the occultists are very sensitive and responsible attitude to the one chosen to be godparents, because it is high «astral» responsibility. Son of Papus Philip doted on his godfather and later wrote a book about Disiere, under the name of «Master Philippe of Lyon»,

About meeting Philippe and Papus Nisie there are two versions. According to the first one Papus saw Nesie in a prophetic dream, and therefore, at the meeting recognized him immediately. And according to second version, Papus once brought a complex magical ritual, and when he was about to enter the magic circle, broke into the house, Nise and did not allow him to do it.

Then it turned out that in conducting the magical ceremony was an innocent mistake that would have led Papus to imminent death. But luckily, by his house passed Philip Nisie noticed through the open door (also one of the mistakes) that over a person intending to enter into the magic circle, looming dark aura. Without delay, he rushed to rescue the unfortunate.

Французский целитель Филипп Низье излечивал людей молитвами

All the scandals and problems that accompany healing work cooled his ardor, and he 1895, listening to the advice of Papus, founded the «school of magnetism» in Lyon, devoting himself entirely to matters of the occult.

And though Philip Nisie became more focused on the issues of the occult, he still, from time to time, brought healing sessions. And one day in 1875, one woman brought to him his daughter, with a request to cure her. The request was made, but recovered girl named Jeanne Landar, decided not to move away from their Savior, and in gratitude began to help him in his healing and occult activities.

Nisie, and Landar so close that soon got married. Subsequently, Jeanne, Nisie Lander gave birth to two children.

As time went on, the glory of Philip, Nisie, as a healer grew, and eventually, she went outside of France. And envious, as tried, their attempts became more futile. And finally, as if in mockery of them, fate has restored justice. And Philip Nisie unrecognized by traditional medicine at home, received the degree of doctor of medicine at the University of Cincinnati, and in 1885 he was awarded the title honorary citizen of the Italian city of acre «for merit to science and humanity».

Moreover, a year later the Royal Academy in Rome awards him the honorary title of doctor of Medicine.

The latest event that just infuriated him envious, and they again began to spoil his life, resulting in in 19887 and 1890 Philip Nisie was again fined for illegal practice of medicine.

Thank Philip, Nisie every year became more spread, and eventually reached Russia. And in one of days of September, 1900, in Lyon Nisie visited the Grand Duke Vladimir. The latter was so impressed by Nisie and his abilities, he invited the wizard into Russia. Nisie, gladly accepted the invitation and in the winter of 29 December of the same year visited the far North country where he stayed for two months.

Французский целитель Филипп Низье излечивал людей молитвами

In Russia between Nise and Nicholas II had established a good relationship. Nicholas II had so much respect for Philip, Nise that asked his opinion about various issues. In the end, Nise predicted the birth of the heir Alexei in 1904, as well as military defeat and revolution.

In Russia, Nisie more perceived as a powerful mage than a healer. And that in no small measure contributed to what happened to him is an amazing case.

Somehow he had attended the sermons of a priest who talked about the miracles described in the Bible that Philip Nisie made a critical remark, saying, do not all written in Scripture to be taken literally. This angered the priest, and he exclaimed: «Let the lightning strike the Church if I’m wrong». What Philip Nisie just ran her hand from top to bottom, from heaven to earth, and at the same moment, to the incredible astonishment of all present, the Church was struck by lightning!

Thank Nisie reached its climax, the whole world already knew him as an outstanding healer, and only the French official medicine still does not only did not recognize him, but continued to look for a reason to give him some crap.

But this came to an end when the thrust of the petition of the Emperor Nicholas II was forced by French doctors to arrange the exam, Nise to still give him official diploma of doctor of medicine.

For this he was handed a list of numbers of hospital beds of one of the hospitals suggested, not seeing any patients or their histories, to supply them with a diagnosis and cure them. Of course, any sensible person should know that this is not an exam, and mockery. But Philip Nise agreed to it and honor passed — an accurate diagnosis and healed all the sick.
French official physicians remained nothing how to give Nise the desired resolution and assign the title of doctor of medicine.

Philip Nisie in advance had a premonition of his death: he wrote in a letter to Nicholas II that he was going to leave the human body, and get back to people in quite a different way. Nisie in advance, said goodbye to people he cared about, leaving instructions as to what they should do after his departure.

February 1905 the health of Philip, Nisie rapidly worsened, and on 2 August 1905 at the age of fifty-six years, he left this world.

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