American witches cast spell on President trump

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Американские ведьмы насылают порчу на президента Трампа

American witches, wizards, occultists, psychics and other people with supernatural powers decided to unite their forces to dethrone objectionable (I wonder who?) the President of the United States Donald trump.

They are convinced that the current ruler of the USA is a horrible person, and it is necessary in that whatever was to remove from such a responsible position, even if they have to send to policy damage and curses.

This «mobilization magic powers» to oppose the Trump joined several hundred people practicing witchcraft. These individuals use to communicate with the social network by assigning dates when to hold massive energy-a mystical attack on the President. The first ritual, by the way, was to hold in the night of 25 February. To recommend magic at midnight while the moon is waning, and to continue the rituals as long as Donald trump will not be removed physically or personally will not abandon his post as head of the American state.

Американские ведьмы насылают порчу на президента Трампа

The witches report that anyone can use against this policy his favorite magical practice, but also describe specific ritual, invented specifically for this purpose. It is necessary to use a deck of Tarot cards, candle orange or carrots with tops, ugly picture of trump, a nail or needle, white candle, pieces of sulphur, black thread, a bird feather, as well as bowls of water, salt and sand.

Not all witches wish to harm the Trump

Several large American covens (community of witches) stated that categorically refuse to participate in such events. Representatives of these communities have criticized their colleagues for attempting to influence the course of political events in America and the world.

«Just imagine that all psychics will inflict damage on politicians that they don’t like. In our country, or will not remain politicians, or begin the real witch war, when every mage will defend their candidate, while simultaneously trying to destroy his rivals. The person who sent the gift to possess magical powers, has no right to use their abilities in this sphere», — said Maggie Benson of Topolskogo wiccan coven.


Американские ведьмы насылают порчу на президента Трампа

By the way, many of the world’s occultists believe that to send to trump damage, in General, is useless, since American presidents continually guarded by powerful mages, psychics, astrologers and so on in the service of the American government. Otherwise, to bring to the grave such an important man would really be a piece of cake. Similar protection allegedly provided and Vladimir Putin, and XI Jinping, and other leaders of major (and even not so major) powers. What can I say about the leaders of such a scale when, even today, any public person, whether a member or a famous singer, tries to protect itself from the negative energy of the crowd and separate powerful enemies…

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