The facts show that the Americans never went to the moon

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The facts show that the Americans never went to the moon. The journey of American astronauts on the moon continues to challenge the skeptics in the different countries of the world. The most number of skeptics today – in the States themselves. Interesting fact that the Apollo mission fake believe even those people who themselves participated in the preparation of this mission. Consider the arguments which are now put forward by the supporters of the hypothesis that the Americans never went to the moon.

Факты, которые свидетельствуют о том, что американцы никогда не были на Луне

In addition to the already managed to fill nauseam argument about «waving» the flag and the absence of traces of dust on the legs of the Eagle module, there are other objects that certain people cause skepticism. One of these objects – film, which traveled with the astronauts from the moon to the Earth. People who are fond of photography, stating that the film could not reach the surface of our planet in perfect quality. The fact is that during flight through space (which is only straight for about 380 thousand km) the film could be illuminated penetrating electromagnetic radiation. It’s the gamma rays that come from the Sun and stitch all animate and inanimate objects in its path. It is these gamma rays and had, according to the apologists of the theory of deception, to light the film, which was made up of American cameras used for imaging on a natural satellite of the Earth.

However, the astronauts such arguments are called absurd. They say that the film they are transported in special lead containers which cut off the penetrating radiation is more than 95%, and this kept the film from blowing out during space flight.

But people Express the idea that the moon landing was directed at NASA, argue that even if the film is not lit during the flight, but that it defended at the moment when the astronauts walked on the moon.

And in this regard, NASA has an explanation for this. Experts in the space say that the radiation level at the surface of the moon isn’t so great that it (the radiation) could light the photographic film. To understand this, they lead the shots that made the walls of the «Fukushima-1». Frames received with such pictures have no fundamental distortions that can talk about the authenticity of the moon shots.

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