The Apocalypse Of John The Theologian

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Predictions and prophecies: the Apocalypse of John the theologian. The nuclear bomb, a devastating earthquake, a monstrous pandemic, deadly solar activity — everything that is alarming scientists and environmentalists, it was predicted almost two thousand years ago.

Апокалипсис Иоанна Богослова

It sounds unbelievable, but a joint study of historians and anthropologists prove: all global risks today are described in detail in one of the most ancient religious texts — the book of revelation.

Forecast researchers disappointing. At the same time mankind is threatened by global warming and a new ice age, an unexpected mutation of viruses and nuclear winter, the pole shift and asteroid attack. Each version has reputable supporters of the leading universities in the world, and, much more importantly, each of them was described by ancient Christian prophet. But there is a slight difference: our contemporaries are United in the fact that we live in the era of the sunset of mankind, whose end will be swift and merciless. And John the Evangelist gives people hope for salvation.

Apocalypse — what would it be? Revelation — the world’s most famous prediction of the death of all mankind. It sounds unbelievable, but even scientists are United in this matter. They agree that sacred document — not that other, as a prediction of the most likely natural and manmade disasters that threaten humanity today.

The Apocalypse Of John The Theologian

Researchers of ancient texts believe: the prophet saw the sad future of mankind, but to describe it in understandable terms could not — simply because two thousand years ago mankind did not know what fusion reaction, geomagnetic anomalies and man-made disasters. However, the symbols and meanings hidden in the text of the prophecy, decipherable.

2012. In Africa, the snow fell. Sand dunes of the Sahara turned into white drifts. In Turkey, there were snow storms. Blizzard paralyzed traffic in Serbia, the Caspian sea is frozen, and Jerusalem was hidden under the snow. The land that a hundred years ago was considered a territory of eternal summer, now go into the winter every year. And this, according to the researchers, the result of global warming.

Reasons why nature gets even with us, a lot, but the main human activity.

Civilization greedily consumes the earth’s resources and emit too much heat, and it has a devastating effect on the planet’s climate, it is unpredictable winter is getting much colder and summers hotter. Recent calculations of climate scientists predict that soon the average annual temperature in Europe will drop to minus twenty degrees; Greenland and the far North will be the resort areas and in those areas, which until recently was considered the harsh Siberian taiga, there will be murderous heat. And if people do not temper their needs, in the near future one third of the sushi can go under water. The mechanism of destruction launched, and the account is already for years.

Scientists are unanimous in their opinion: the process of turning the planet into a desert has already begun and will continue. Moreover, studying the ancient prophecy of John, the researchers found that such a scenario is the destruction of humanity mentioned in revelation twice: in one of the chapters States that the fourth bowl of God’s wrath poured out on the sun.

According to the researchers, it is a description of one deadly to mankind scenario associated with increasing solar activity. There is a theory, according to which the Solar system approaches the linear gravity anomalies -one of the most mysterious places in the Universe where the laws of gravity on nearby stars and planets almost cease to act.

According to the scientist, the Sun is already occurring powerful flash — and towards the Earth, flying like a huge cloud of plasma. Yet their effect is almost imperceptible, but very soon humanity will feel it for yourself. The ozone layer will no longer deal with increasing waves of hard radiation, and the planet will survive another outbreak of cancer — this time it will be skin cancer. Those «sores» mentioned by the prophet.

Solar wind — a stream of radioactive particles, which with frightening speed, rushing in all directions from our sun. Still the Land was protected from it a thin ozone layer and earth’s magnetic field, which created the effect of the cushion. Today, the ozone layer is seriously undermined civilization, and the magnetic field can not compete with the space anomaly.

While it is impossible to say for sure — in a year or five years the worst should happen. However, scientists believe that the current generation may be the last disaster in the history of mankind. The size of the Sun will increase in leaps and bounds. Instantly burn up mercury and Venus. The earth will be the celestial body, but humanity on its surface are unlikely to survive at the temperature more than 2000 degrees Celsius the protein is essential for life.

In 2006, astronomers have sounded the alarm: the Sun has suddenly started to behave strangely. Until now its activity has been cyclical and predictable: periods of maximum intensity occurred once in eleven years. In 2006 this peak phase had once again come. However it did not come so far, and scientists around the world anxiously await the Sun of a new and dangerous surprises.

All this time the mystery remains unsolved, and only in the beginning of this year Australian Observatory scientists have put forward a shocking update: a violation of the cycle of solar maxima is due to the fact that the star is saving his strength so soon to fall upon the Ground Sizzling heat. And the first blow will be inflicted on the most populous regions of the world.

While no one can say how long it will last sunstroke — year, ten or fifty years. But the researchers believe that it the first signs have already appeared.

Trumpet of the second angel’s promises to humanity a different scenario of death and, according to the researchers, the disaster can be the result of SUPERVOLCANO eruption or series of eruptions all over the planet.

Moreover, in the history of our planet there have been periods that fit the prophecy of John the Evangelist. Approximately 250 million years ago the Earth was the eruption of the so-called Siberian traps. An area of thousands of square kilometers were covered with cracks from which freely poured molten lava spreading over the planet thin frosting layer. According to the calculations of historians, the eruption lasted for a million years.

The last major eruption, though not comparable with the Siberian traps, occurred relatively recently. About 75 thousand years ago woke up the volcano Toba in Indonesia. They erupted nearly three thousand cubic kilometers of rock. For comparison, the notorious Icelandic volcano was thrown into the air at 28 thousand times smaller volume.

Scientists project that the planet now enters the next phase of seismic activity, and hence the probability of such eruptions is greatly increased. The volcanoes that belong to the group of maximum risk, you Wake up in the first place — and they are scattered around the world: mount Merapi in Indonesia, the Koryak in Kamchatka, Etna in Italy, Sakurajima in Japan, Colima, Mexico, Galeras in Colombia. This is only a small part of the most dangerous volcanoes, ready to Wake at the first sound of the trumpet of the second angel.

The destruction of the infrastructure of cities — death state. Even if the result of a regional disaster will be the only serious damage to the power lines, it can lead to really terrible consequences — chaos, epidemics and mass death of people. But the eruption seldom comes one usually it is associated with a shift of tectonic plates, and therefore, after the devastating eruption sure to follow a powerful earthquake.

Earthquakes, poisonous rain and darkness accompany the descriptions of the end of the world. How an ancient prophet could have foreseen the connection of these phenomena, and remains a mystery. However, the picture painted in revelation, it clearly shows the worst scenario: the simultaneous eruption of dozens and hundreds of large volcanoes flood the earth with lava and the sky for years will be closed by dense clubs of volcanic ash. On earth reigns pitch darkness, illuminated by red-hot magma from below, and flashes of lightning from above. Those who dare to appear on the surface, will be under corroding the skin with rain of sulfuric acid.

But if tectonic shifts and fluctuations in the earth’s crust is always accompanied by a major eruption, then the sulfur precipitation and the disappearance of the sun, a phenomenon poorly understood. However, the experts give an explanation of these mysteries. Both can occur if the atmosphere will be quite a large number of volcanic ash.

In General, humanity is going to self-destruction leaps and bounds. The development of the industry, nuclear technology and disregard to nature create the best possible background to what was prophesied thousands of years ago.

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