In Russia found an old «dinosaur in the collar» (photo)

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In Russia found an old «dinosaur» collar. On the Cathedral square in Staraya Russa, in the fifth section, in the layers of the XVIII–XVII century, archaeologists found an ancient whistle with four holes. Zoomorphic product is well preserved, only the «face» turned out to be chipped, reported on the website of the Staraya Russa archaeological expedition of the Novgorod state University in «Vkontakte».

В России нашли старинного «динозавра в ошейнике» (фото)

«That’s just the beast which it represents, is an actual dinosaur. And even in the collar. Long neck, short legs,» write archaeologists.

Seriously — until they really can’t determine what animal is depicted in the old master. «On the horse are not similar. Not a bird, because with four legs», — stated in the message.

Witty netizens have suggested that the strange figure is ancient Idun. Indeed, the whistle is somewhat reminiscent of a popular Russian meme.

Previously, In Canada, archaeologists have discovered dinosaur trail, to read.

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