On a British beach discovered the remains of a mysterious creature (photos)

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On a British beach found the remains of mysterious creatures. UK residents are found on the Corniche beach in Charlestown, the remains of an unknown creature.

На британском пляже обнаружены останки загадочного существа (фото)

A passerby took a picture of the snake’s body length of about 2.5 m, which is thought to have been beached from the sea. After the publication of the images, the Network has begun the debate about the origin of the remains.

Some users have suggested that the body of the specified animal belongs to the Dolphin-grinde because New Zealand has registered about 400 cases where data sea creatures came ashore.

There is also a mystical version of the origin of the finds. Some bloggers believe that the photo of Brit, the creature resembles the mythical character of the serpent Morgawr, which is legendary among fishermen and sailors. He is described as being of enormous size with a scaly tail and legs.

Earlier, the corpse of a mysterious creature in the Kama region, see photos.

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